Train together

Together we're better, that's why we train together, race together, play together, and celebrate together....come join us!!!

For millions of people, running is an integral part of their life. Once you really get to experience all the benefits of running, it’s very unlikely that you will ever stop doing it. Running gives you an almost indescribable feeling of accomplishment and provides powerful relief. It helps you to clear your mind and reduces stress. 

As such, running is pure therapy for the soul. If there’s a problem you are struggling with, go run a mile and see what happens! While running may not help you to solve all your problems, it definitely will help you through the tough times of life. At the same time, only those who have never truly experienced the joy of running struggle to understand why running is so powerful. For many, even the thought of having to run for half an hour is quite exhausting and sickening. To them, running is not something that provides relief but it’s simply considered a punishment. Luckily, we runners know better than that. 

What is so wonderful about running is that basically anyone who can walk can start practicing this sport. It doesn’t take special skills or the greatest physical condition like so many other team sports require. Instead, all it takes is to put one foot in front of the other and the willingness to keep going for a while.

Once you’ve become a regular runner, you’re part of a quickly growing family of like-minded individuals. This large family may often complain about the difficulties and struggles of being a runner. Yet, almost all continue running day after day and week after week simply because it is so refreshing and rejuvenating.

~ Steve Mueller -

This article resonates with our Marathon Matters members, as we are a growing family of like-minded individuals who, through running together, help each other through our struggles to move closer to achieving our individual goals, both on and off the course. 

Our training schedule provides an opportunity for members to run together. Whether you're training for an event that only you plan to run, or an event the larger group is targeting, our schedule makes it easy to blend group runs into your training as some team-time every week will keep you motivated without impeding your specific training schedule based on your event calendar. Our goal is for every member to better prepare for your next event, typically 4 to 6 months down the road. Our training regiment does change with the seasons, but the days we run stay the same. This consistency helps you build positive habits while flexing to ensure you do the right training, at the right time, so you're ready for your next challenge!

NOTE******* If you plan on running at a different time than the scheduled group runs and would like some company, why not post your plans on Marathon Matters messenger chat on facebook. Just ask a member to add you to the chat group. We want to make it as easy as possible to stay motivated in your running. ************

*****Group runs are cancelled if windchill is below minus 30 *****

Lumsden Hills - every second Saturday of the month meet in Lumsden at Jane Dough's Bakery at either 7:00 or 8:00 am. for a run.  The 7 o'clock group will return to the bakery for a second group mass start at 8:00 am.  Run for about 2 hour  on the hills. Coffee afterwards.   The Saturday group run at the Marina at 8:00 am. will still happen for those runners wishing to run in Regina . Next  run at Lumsden - July 13.


Monday - speed training ,over until fall training season