Celebrate together

Together we're better, that's why we train together, race together, play together, and celebrate together....come join us!!!

Marathon Matters celebrates how awesome we are, because we are all ridiculously awesome!

Speedy times and individual accolades are great, but what really matters is the contributions we make to our club and one another!

Each year, at our Annual General Meeting we choose two standouts from our membership, one who has contributed significantly to the betterment of the club and another who has demonstrated the highest degree of inspiration to members.

There were many deserving entries but only two could win awards, congratulations to our past nominees and special shout out to this year's award winners!

2019 Builder Award Nominees

Wanda Bouchard-Barry, Milos Kostic, Marsha Crossman, Michel Turmel, Heidi Schmalz

2019 Inspirational Runner Award Nominees

Connie Kozak & Sue Schneider, Wendy Tomyk, Heidi Schmalz, Thea Jacobs, Deanne Selinger, Lisa Berezowsky, Cari Bode, Derek Anaquod, Jan Steenkamp & Tania Diener, Ryan Clark, Rob McLeod, Tim Schneider, Paula Bzdell, Debbie Bellamy, Sean Reidy, Doug Sellinger, & Gay Renouf

our 2019 Builder Award winner is....

Wanda Bouchard-Barry

Wanda is the definition of awesome. She's an essential organizer of all three of the Marathon Matters club races looking after major details, as well as the countless small tasks that need to be done.

Our club has no idea how our events (and most other running events in Regina) would happen without her. Year after year, our club, and every runner who supports our events, benefits from Wanda's infectious energy and tireless work ethic whether they know it or not. (most likely they know it!)

Wanda, Marathon Matters is thankful for your amazing volunteer spirit, the countless hours you put in supporting us all, and the experience and wisdom you bring to our organizing efforts. You help make our club and our races a success every year, thank you Wanda...you're a gem!

our 2019 Inspirational Runner Award winner is...

Jan Steenkamp & Tania Diener

Jan & Tania, partners in life and running. 100 marathons already for Jan in only 6 years, and Tania will reach the 100 milestone in January! WOW!

Both are ambassadors for Regina everywhere they go. Jan changing his life from couch potato to multi-marathoner and ultra runner is the stuff of Runner's World fame. Tania supported Jan's efforts throughout, and is also a multi-marathoner extraordinaire! (and the looks for a Runner's World cover!)

Both Jan and Tania are active with the Queen City Marathon and are always the first in line to meet and support new runners at every event they attend. (and they attend a lot!)

Jan/Tania, you make Regina, and Marathon Matters, very proud and there's no one who has inspired us more in 2019 than you!