Celebrate together

Together we're better, that's why we train together, race together, play together, and celebrate together....come join us!!!

Marathon Matters celebrates how awesome we are, because we are all ridiculously awesome!

Speedy times and individual accolades are great, but what really matters is the contributions we make to our club and one another!

Each year, at our Annual General Meeting we choose two standouts from our membership, one who has contributed significantly to the betterment of the club and another who has demonstrated the highest degree of inspiration to members.

There were many deserving entries but only two could win awards, congratulations to our past nominees and special shout out to this year's award winners!

2023 Builder Award Nominees

Wanda Bouchard-Barry, Shelley Zerr, Michel Turmel, Heidi Schmalz

Special shout out to non-member super volunteers Verne Bolen and Don Meek!

2023 Inspirational Runner Award Nominees

Cari Bode, Heidi Schmalz, Jan Steenkamp & Tania Diener, Dale Harvey, Gay Renouf, Jason & Melissa Burns, Kerri Clark, Darwin Weimer, Marcella Zatwarniktski, Gaylene Jeannot, Jon Paradowski, Michael Dahlman, Abbey Schmidt, Lorraine Brezinski