Race together

Together we're better, that's why we train together, race together, play together, and celebrate together....come join us!!!

Whether your goal is becoming a Six Star Finisher, a 50 Stater, or simply running your first marathon...proper preparation is needed to deliver the goods on race day. Preparation takes time and commitment, and nothing makes the miles go by faster than having a crew at your back pushing you to be your best, while pushing your team mates to give their best in return.

Shared accountability baby!

Then comes race day...you're in a crowded chute surrounded by strangers and you have to pee with no porta-potty in sight...now what? There's nobody with you to help break the tension of waiting for that gun to go off....just you, your racing flats, and a belt full of gels.

People, don't do it alone!!

The beauty of training together is knowing you'll be racing together, and Marathon Matters members all enter the chute with confidence knowing their team is lined up with them somewhere in that crowd of lycra and spandex. Marathon Matters members travel the world together, representing our club, our province, and Canada on the world's stage.

Big, small, we run them all!

Whether your next race is in Tokyo, Boston, Berlin, or even Fargo, Rouleau, or at home in Regina....you'll make great friends while training to ensure you're ready to meet your race day goals, and to share the race experience with both on and off the course.