play together

Together we're better, that's why we train together, race together, play together, and celebrate together....come join us!!!

Marathon Matters understands that all work and no play makes for a dull day. Clocking miles is fun but sometimes we like to spice it up. Our Social Director plans regular events for members to get out and socialize. It's not uncommon to see a pack of crazies running the streets of Regina in costumes and fancy dress, searching for clues around town on scavenger hunts, or doing just about anything that has an element of fitness and fun that pairs well with a nice wine or beer!

Hopefully club will be able to resume social events in 2022. We all deserve to have fun when running while still complying with provincial regulations related to Covid.

Pub Nights

Our Pub Nights, hosted by the Cathedral Social Hall, combine our three favourite things, running, socializing, and enjoying fine food and drink. Running is the common bond that has brought us together but the club that plays together stays together!

Coffee Time

When our weekend runs are finished, the socializing is just starting up. Whether you made the run or not, everyone is invited to meet at our favourite coffee spot, Sweet (Broad and College), for some laughs and banter fueled by coffee and post-run endorphins...what a rush !

***** coffee is on at Tangerine after Saturday run for those members who are comfortable meeting and drinking indoors*****