Vancouver Marathon, May 6, 2012

Post date: May 13, 2012 10:52:06 PM

Results of Regina-area runners. Congrats to Milos and Conor for their age-group placing!

Conor Renouf, 2:49:34, 2nd M 20-24

Milos Kostic, 3:30:45, 1st M70+

Barry Cyca, 3:37:01, 56th M50-54

Rand Luhning, 3:37:11, 18th M55-59

Gay Renouf, 3:38:44, 7th F50-54

Derek Hoffart, 3:40:09, 119th M35-39

Nadia Williamson, 3:46:41st F30-34

Doug MacKenzie, 3:49:36, 82nd M50-54

Joanne Noll, 3:58:04, 26th F50-54

Mike Renouf, 3:58:08, 52nd M55-59

Linda Fox, 4:17:06, 20th F55-59

Kelly Munce, 4:25:56, 229th M45-49

Lee-Ann Ricci, 4:27:13, 119th F45-49

Shelley MacKenzie, 4:32:02, 130th F45-49

Kimberly Sentes, 4:33:57, 160th F40-44

Leea Boxall, 5:36:06, 242nd F35-39

Ruby Rubiletz, 6:06:08, 234th F45-49