2020 Club Results

Red Neck Half-Marathon, August 15, 2020, Sherwood Park near Regina

Congrats to the finishers of the Red Neck half-marathon hosted by Jason Hubick at his rural property on August 15. No times were available but the order of finish was:

Trevor Hopkin

David Kamuti

Jason Hubick

Chad Debert

Jannike Matlock

Tania Diener

Photo of Trevor Hopkin stolen from Shelley Zerr

Prairie Nightmare Backyard Run, Sherwood Forest SK, Aug 1

The Prairie Nightmare Backyard run finished off on Aug 1. Every hour on the hour, runners completed a route of 6.707 km. Why the odd distance? In 24 hours, a runner would complete 100 miles.

The pace is intended to feel easy at first, with runners typically finishing laps in 35-45 minutes, and then having 15-25 minutes to rest up, take care of their bodies and get ready for the next lap. Then as all the stresses accumulate (body and muscle aches, heat, stomach woes, blisters, etc), it becomes a mental test to rise from the chair and face another lap.

We had only 18 runners facing this challenge on a gravel road northwest of Regina- it was generously hosted by Jason and Dawn Hubick. The small numbers owed to Covid regulations in Saskatchewan where a maximum of 30 people were allowed in an outdoor gathering.

Our extra challenges were heat and humidity (only 27 degrees but the sun was relentless), and the extra gravel added to the road the day before the race!

Our winner and last man standing was Derek Anaquod, who demonstrated his amazing mastery of this event (in previous Backyard races, Derek has always completed at least 24 laps or 161 km). Derek is the toughest!!

Special shoutouts to:

Sandy MacDonald for having the courage to enter;

Andrew Burant who went from a previous longest distance of 31 km to 67 km

Caelan Reilly - previous PB 42 km, new PB 67 km

Sheila Durand - previous PB 32 km, new PB 53 km

Melissa Burns - previous PB 33 km, new PB 53 km

Jason Burns - previous PB 53 km, new PB 60 km


Derek Anaquod 16 laps completed distance 107 km

Heidi Schmaltz - 15 - 101 km

Shaun Hesse - 13 - 87 km

Rick Minett - 12 - 80 km

Andrew Burant - 10 - 67 km

Caelan Reilly - 10 - 67 km

Jason Burns - 9 - 60 km

Jason Hubick - 8 - 54 km

Melissa Burns - 8 - 54 km

Sheila Durey - 8 - 54 km

Tania Diener - 8 - 54 km

Gay Renouf - 8 - 54 km

Shawn Hesse - 7 - 54 km

Shaun Quinney - 7 - 47 km

Morgan Allen - 6 - 40 km

Patrick Charagu - 6 - 40 km

Jan Steenkamp- 4 - 29 km

Sandy MacDonald - 3 - 27 km

Mardi Gras Half-Marathon, New Orleans, LA, Feb 9, 2020

As many of you know, our President of a few years ago, and much-loved member, Cari Bode, just finished off a year of chemo treatments last year. On Feb 9, she ran her first half-marathon since . Cari and friend Jean Mathews, finished the Mardi Gras half in New Orleans in 2:00:29. Way to go Cari - we’re so proud of you.

Buller Gorge Marathon, New Zealand, Feb 8, 2020

Conor and Gay Renouf traveled to this small, boutique marathon in the south island of New Zealand. Conor ran 2:58:07 for 4th place, and Gay ran 4:00:01 for 3rd in W55-64. The scenery was amazing, the hills were small but relentless, and the medals were non-existent.

Maui Marathon, Hawaii, Jan 19, 2020

Regina athletes hit some huge milestones at the Maui marathon on Jan 19. Tania Diener ran her 100th marathon - a journey that she traveled in a very quick 6 years. Tania overcame a couple of injuries on the way, and showed amazing focus and dedication. Her Maui time was 5:16:20, for 6th in W55. Husband, Jan Steenkamp, finished in 5:37:48 for 20th in M55.

Another significant milestone was earned by Darwin Weimer, who finished his third cycle of a marathon in 50 states, in 6:03:12, good for 16th in M60.

Kyle Leadbetter finished the half-marathon in 2:16:52 for 6th in M35. Terry Weimer finished in 3:14:57 for 23rd in W60.

Congrats all. We are so proud of you!

Revel Kulia Marathon, Hawaii, Jan 18, 2020

Congrats to Ryan Clark and Victoria Oppenlander for their performances at Revel Kulia in Hawaii. Ryan was on a great pace when cramping from heat and humidity hit - he still managed to finish in 3:52:36 for 3rd place in M25. Victoria has 7th in W25 in 1:58:48. Congrats!

Dopey Challenge, Disney Marathon, Florida, Jan 12, 2020

Here are our two of our four proud Regina finishers of the Dopey challenge in Florida. Deanna Brown, Carrie Newman, Tarra Dubreuil and Dhon Gumban finished the four races in four days in hot and humid conditions. They started on Thursday doing the 5 k, a 10 k on Friday, a half-marathon Saturday, and a marathon Sunday. Their marathon times were 4:40:13 for Deanna, 5:23:30 for Carrie and 6:10:53 for Tarra and Dhon. Wow - super job, guys!