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canada goose ultra

June 10, 2023

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Canada Goose 2022

The Canada Goose Ultra is in the books, and what a day it was! It started with threatening rain and high winds and ended with sunny skies, then a full moon and still air. Here are the results:

The biggest achievements we chose to recognize were personal records. Did you run your furthest ever (in 1 day)? Then you got one of the fabulous beer steins!

Special notes - Jason Tomaszewski just about quintupled his previous longest distance! Preston Schaffer quadrupled his previous longest distance!

Beer Stein Winners Ran their longest distance ever

Congrats to the beer stein winners who ran THEIR FURTHEST EVER!!!

Chris Tetlock

Preston Schaffer

Colleen Laskowski

Jan Steenkamp

Tania Diener

Lee-Ann Ricci

Jason Tomaszewski

Shawn Weimer

Melissa Burns

Jason Burns

Thomas Gabel

Michael Szeles

Doug Hynne

Deidre Roberts

Constance Kozak

Susan Schneider

Shaun Quinney

Meg Braithwaite

Mallory Klein

Jannike Matlock

Michele Wagner

Marcella Zatwarniski

Jared Larson

Ken Eade

Debra Anderson

Jeff Hay

Blair Morris

Sue Bayliss

Brian White

Frank Jeske

Cory Shrigley

Natasha Lumsden

24 hour results

Chris Tetlock, 136 km

Preston Schaffer, 125 km

Sue Lucas, 112 km

Gay Renouf, 112 km

Michael Morrison, 109 km

Jon Sloman, 109 km

Colleen Laskowski, 108 km

Jan Steenkamp, 105 km

Tania Diener, 105 km

Lee-Ann Ricci, 101 km

Jason Tomaszewski, 101 km

Shawn Weimer, 100 km

Caroline Wiebe, 100 km - just post Marathon de Sables

Melissa Burns, 100 km - one week post 50 km Spartan!

Jason Burns, 100 km - one week post 50 km Spartan!

Tyler Gorrell, 100 km

Thomas Gabel, 80 km

Deidre Roberts, 60 km

12 hour results

Jon Paradowski, 85 k

Michael Szeles, 75 k

Wendy Tomyk, 70 k

Doug Hynne, 64 k

Constance Kozak, 56 k

Susan Schneider, 56 k

Meg Braithwaite, 50 k

Mallory Klein, 42.2 k

6 hour results

Shaun Quinney, 52 k

Jannike Matlock, 44 k

Michelle Wagner, 44k

Marcella Zatwarniski, 44 k

Chad Fenrick, 44 k

Brenda Stricker, 40 k

Jared Larson, 36 k

Ken Eade, 32 k

Jeff Hay, 32 k

Greg Chovin, 32 k

Chantel De Lorme, 32 k

Blair Morris, 32 k

Debra Anderson, 32 k

Kerri Clark, 32 k

Michael Dahlman, 30 k

Patrice Turmel, 29 k

Amy Carlson, 28 k

Rebecca Handy, 28 k

Brian White, 28 k

Abbey Schmidt, 28 k

Allison Samoleski, 28 k

Dale Harvey, 28 k

Jason Hubick, 28 k

Terri Carlson, 24 k

Sue Bayliss, 24 k

Frank Jeske, 24 k

Cory Shrigley, 24 k

Natasha Lumsden, 24 k

Sandy MacDonald, 16 k

Thank you to the volunteers

It took a village of volunteers to put on the Canada Goose ultra on Saturday. These amazing people got up early, stayed up late (or all night), and smiled the whole time they were helping the runners.

First of all, Wanda Bouchard-Barry - the most amazing, generous and organized volunteer in Regina! She got up early, stayed up all night and kept the whole ship on track.

Another of those all day/night people - Don Meek - we could not have figured out how to set up the tent without him). Rob McLeod started at 5 and came back to help all night. Heidi Schmalz arrived early and stayed all night.

Our directors are all exceptionally organized, giving people. Sincere thanks to Rob McLeod, Cari Bode, Marsha Crossman, Rick Minett (driving in from Pasquale Lake to help out!); and Wanda Bouchard-Barry.

Our medical/first aid team was Carolyn Murray and Heidi Schmalz.

Lisa Berezowsky got up at 4 to drive in and manage the package pickup.

Our set up team were also early birds - thanks to Verne Bolen, Don Meek, Darwin Weimer, Terry Weimer, Rob McLeod and Mike Renouf.

The folks keeping your laps straight were Conor Renouf, Lauren Mc, Jim Carlson, Sandy MacDonald (who then went on to run!), David Wessel, Iain Harry, and Shelley Zerr.

Your friendly food folks (who were shivering in the tent in the morning) were Joanne Noll, Dhon Gumban, April Lloyd, Warren Zwarnitsky, Cloey Zwarnitsky, Pat Eatock, Deb Anderson (after running for 6 hours), Denise Harry, Sandy Tokar, Rowena Collins Huber, Karen Woolley, and Kerri Clark ( who also ran first). Thanks to Kelly Munce for the loan of the heater that stopped the volunteers from shivering.

Ryan Clark handled the awards. Michel Turmel was our main go-fer (pizza!) including 2 am onwards. Mike Renouf was our dazzling photographer. Wendy Tomyk is our truly amazing medal and buckle designer!

Our cyclists in the middle of the night were Verne Bolen, Doris Burdon, and Brenda Udahl.

Thank you, thank you all!