2021 Club Results

New York City Marathon, Nov 7, 2021

Congrats to the Regina finishers of the last World Major marathon of the year - New York City marathon on Nov 7. Robert Davis finished in 3:15:49 for 235th in M35; Yvonne Cafik finished in 4:04:37 for 61st in W55; and Tim Owens finished in 4:26:09 for 908th in M45. Congrats all!

Bluenose Marathon, Halifax, Nov 7, 2021

Congrats to our Regina runners at the Bluenose marathon in Halifax today. They survived the “relentless hills”. On the last day available to qualify for the 2022 Boston marathon, Milos Kostic nabbed a qualifier. And MM’s favourite couple, Jan Steenkamp and Tania Diener, are getting back to their multi-marathon ways. Results were:

Milos Kostic, 4:33:23, 1st M80-89

Philippe Lacroix, 4:50:53, 7th M60-69

Jan Steenkamp, 5:09:04, 22nd M50-59

Tania Diener, 5:11:39, 7th W50-59

Congrats, runners!

Boston Marathon, Oct 17, 2021

Congrats to the three Saskatchewan runners who qualified for and finished the Boston marathon on Oct 17. Christopher Schulz ran 3:24:43 for 1404th place in M18-39; Julia Totosy de Zepetnek ran 3:26:59 for 924th in W18-39; and Louis Baillargeon ran 4:22:56 for 211th in M65-69. Well done, runners!

Grizzly Ultra 50 k, Canmore AB, Oct 10, 2021

Congrats to Regina’s Shawn Wilyman who finished as second male in the Grizzly ultra 50 k in Canmore. Shawn’s time was 4:26:58.

Chicago Marathon, Oct 10, 2021

Three Regina runners completed one of the six world majors on Oct 10. Paula Bzdel, Trisha Lunt and Gay Renouf ran the Chicago marathon. Paula ran 4:06:37 for 184th in W45; Trisha ran 4:10:04 for 206th in W45; and Gay ran 4:24:05 for 25th in W60. Conditions were tough with temperatures up to 27 degrees and high humidity. Congratulations, runners!

Bigfoot Trail Race Ultra, White Butte Trails, Oct 3, 2021

Congrats to all the runners who searched for Big Foot at White Butte yesterday. Their search covered the rolling trails for either 50, 25 or 12.5 km. Jason Hubick and his volunteers put on a superb event - this is a must-do for all local trail runners!

Congrats to the 50 k winners Conor Renouf and Michelle Bolay; 25 km winners Sandy Bain and Abbey Schmidt; and 12.5 km winners Kevin Bedel and Terra Jacobsen.

Here are the 50 and 25 km results for MM club members:

50 km

Conor Renouf, 3:50:48, 1st M

Jim Carlson, 4:58:35, 6th M

Jason Burns, 5:05:41, 7th M

Shaun Quinney, 5:28:20, 10th M

Melissa Burns, 5:32:54, 5th W

Heidi Schmalz, 5:48:45, 6th W

Carolyn Murray, 6:14:51, 7th W

Wendy Tomyk, 6:42:14, 8th W

25 km

Rick Minett, 2:06:16, 6th M

Gaylene Jeannot, 2:23:28, 2nd W

Valdeen Litzenberger, 2:30:29, 5th W

Sheila Durey, prorated 2:30:30, 6th W (ran 37.5 km)

Terri Carlson, 2:47:08, 6th W

Joanne Noll, 2:47:09, 7th W

Jon Paradowski, 2:55:13, 19th M

Dale Harvey, 3:08:15, 20th M

Deanne Selinger, prorated 3:56:24, 12th W (ran 37.5 km)

Nathan Anderson, 4:11:07, 21st M

P'Tit Train du Nord Marathon, Laurentians, QC, Oct 3, 2021

Congratulations to Craig Herrington who crushed his Boston-qualifying time with a 3:02:27 at the P’tit Train du Nord marathon today. The race is a point-to-point, net downhill in the Laurentian region in Quebec. Craig was 35th in the Men’s 40-49 category.

Queen City Marathon, Regina, Sept 12, 2021

Thank you to Racer Director Shawn Weimer, the organizing committee, and hundreds of volunteers who helped make an in person race come off safely during the Covid epidemic. Many MM members were thrilled to be able to race in person again. Here are the club results (please email if I missed any). Special congrats to age group winners and placers Conor Renouf, Rob McLeod, Trisha Lunt, Lane Rathgeber, Gay Renouf, Thea Jacobs, Jim Vadeboncouer, Tania Diener in the marathon; and Craig Herrington, Chris Dornstauder, Lorraine Brezinski, Joanne Noll, Tim Schneider, Milos Kostic, and Sandy Macdonald in the half-marathon! Congrats to first time marathoner Marcella Zatwarniski - actually first time ultramarathoner too because she accidentally ran 45 km!

Marathon Results - Club Members

Conor Renouf, 2:54:37, 1st M30

Robert McLeod, 3:13:24, 1st M60

Ryan Clark, 3:29:51, 5th M30

Trisha Lunt, 3:39:06, 2nd W45

Lane Rathgeber, 3:48:30, 3rd M45

Gay Renouf, 4:11:08, 1st W60

Thea Jacobs, 4:16:40, 1st W65

Jim Vadeboncoeur, 4:31:18, 3rd M50

Thomas Gabel, 4:52:37, 5th M25

Tania Diener, 4:57:20, 3rd W55

Jan Steenkamp, 5:02:40, 11th M55

Marcella Zatwarniski, 6:29:09, 13th W45

Half-Marathon Results - Club Members

Craig Herrington, 1:26:17, 1st M45

Chris Dornstauder, 1:26:54, 1st M35

Lorraine Brezinski, 1:35:21, 2nd W40

Adam Hicks, 1:42:53, 6th M35

Matt Stephenson, 1:44:20, 9th M30

Tim Schneider, 1:46:54, 3rd M60

Luke Dillen, 1:54:38, 9th M40

Michael Szeles, 1:58:20, 18th M30

Victoria Oppenlander, 2:00:27, 7th W25

Bill Brown, 2:01:40, 9th M55

Joanne Noll, 2:03:05, 2nd W60

Milos Kostic, 2:05:45, 1st M70+

Denise Harry, 2:07:53, 5th W50

Michel Turmel, 2:10:19, 8th M60

April Lloyd, 2:12:54, 7th W50

Patrice Turmel, 2:13:15, 4th W60

Sue Bayliss, 2:15:18, 9th W55

Dale Harvey, 2:19:05, 10th M60

Daryl Arendt, 2:24:10, 14th M55

Sandy MacDonald, 2:40:37, 1st W70

Nathan Anderson, 2:43:32, 48th M35

Deanne Selinger, 2:43:37, 30th W35

Susan Schneider, 2:59:38, 9th W60

Connie Kozak 2:59:38, 13th W55

Lost Souls Ultramarathon, Lethbridge, AB, Sept 10-11, 2021

While most Regina runners were enjoying the in-person races on QCM weekend, some of our more rugged trail runners tested themselves against the Lost Souls Ultramarathon in Lethbridge ending today. Lost Souls always attracts a very competitive field to a course that climbs 1200 m with 16 hills over each 54 km loop (3 loops for the 100 miles). The hills are steep and the race is renowned for the hot temperatures down in the coulees. This year though, it was not hot! Conditions were more than tough however, with heavy rain and slippery mud stranding the 100 mile runners in the far coulees. Runners had to use their hands on the steep climbs and still slid down. For safety reasons, the course was changed to a steep paved loop for the 50 km runners and for the last portion of the 100 mile runners. Who survived this challenge?

Heidi Schmaltz WON the women's under 40 100 mile race in a great time of 28:05:00 (2nd W overall). We are incredibly proud of this lady who trains out in Lumsden on "Heidi's Hill".

Jon Paradowski was the 37th M in the 100 km race in a time of 17:53:33. Jon's goal was to secure a Western States qualifier, which was the 100 km race.

Robyn Oborowsky finished her first Lost Souls ultra in the 50 km race, and she and Marsha Crossman were the all-important crew for the runners.

Former Reginan, Richard MacDonald placed 2nd in the Men's 50 km race in 3:51:02.

Congratulations all of you. You make us very proud!

Calgary Ironman 70.3, August 1, 2021

Regina athletes excelled at the competitive Calgary Ironman 70.3, where athletes swim 1.9 km, bike 90 km, and then run a half-marathon. This year's conditions were reported to be tough with smoke, heat and humidity. Special congrats go to age group winners Shawn Wilyman (5th M and 1st in M30); Jackie Hatherly (16th W and 1st in W55) and Thea Jacobs (1st in W65).

Regina results were:

Shawn Wilyman, 4:15:12, 1st M30

Gary Thiel, 5:08:42, 5th M55

Jackie Hatherly, 5:10:54, 1st W55

Chris Gdanski, 5:58:58, 27th M50

Lyle Stecyk, 6:13:05, 21st M55

Thea Jacobs, 6:19:35, 1st W65

Jason Tiefenbach, 6:29:34, 60th M30

Dhon Gumban, 8:21:51, 66th M40

Dhon Gumban, at the finish with medal. Dhon collided with a kayak and still finished the race!

Prairie Nightmare Backyard Run, July 31-Aug 1, 2021, Echo Lake

The backyard style run is a race where competitors run 6.71 km on the hour, every hour. If a runner doesn’t make it back in an hour, he or she is out. And if a runner doesn’t enter the start corral at the beginning of a lap, again, that runner is out. The race continues until only one runner is left. The unusual distance is set so that if a runner lasts 24 hours, he or she will have done 100 miles!

Your champion is Derek Anaquod, who ran 18 laps or 121 km!

The top women’s runner was Carolyn Murray, who ran 12 laps. This was a personal best distance for her.

The runners found the heat to be very challenging- temperatures reached 30 degrees.

Nightmare results:

Derek Anaquod 18 laps, 121 k

Chris Tetlock, 17 laps, 114 k

Rick Minett, 16 laps, 107 k

Conor Renouf, 15 laps, 101 k

Shaun Hesse, 15 laps, 101 k

James Beer, 14 laps, 94 k

Jason Burns, 12 laps, 81 k

Carolyn Murray, 12 laps, 81 k

Melissa Burns, 11 laps, 74 k

Jim Carlson, 10 laps, 67 k

Jon Sloman, 10 laps, 67 k

Morgan Allen, 10 laps, 67 k

Tyler van Luven, 9 laps, 60 k

Gary Larson, 9 laps, 60 k

Sheila Durey, 8 laps, 54 k

Jordan Stewart, 8 laps, 54 k

Darren Engel, 7 laps, 47 k

Gay Renouf, 7 laps, 47 k

Pauline Beaulieu, 6 laps, 40 k

James Bradshaw, 6 laps, 40 k

Greg Hazel, 6 laps, 40 k

Jason Hubick, 6 laps, 40 k

Crystal Kowalski, 6 laps, 40 k

Harold Litzenberger, 6 laps, 40 k

Shaun Quinney, 6 laps, 40 k

Tania Diener, 5 laps, 34 k

Shawn Hesse, 5 laps, 34 k

Wendy Tomyk, 4 laps, 27 k

Jan Steenkamp, 3 laps 20 k

Ray-Anne Bradshaw, 1 lap 7 k

Daydream results

5 laps - 34 k

Jenna Bedel

Kevin Bedel

Maxine McKenzie-Cox

John Raczakowski

4 laps - 27 k

Terri Carlson

Greg Gubbe

Amanda Hebert

Joanne Noll

Casey Smit

2 laps - 14 k

Nathan Anderson

Glenroy Cox

Stephano Diiorio

Deanne Sellinger

1 lap - 7 k

Sharla Herzog

Tracey Lasaga

Sandy MacDonald

Jacqueline Minett

Heather Morrison

Heidi Schmalz

Runners heading out on first lap

A shade tent was a must!

Some of the refreshment stations were spectacular

Our main course and site preparer, Rick Minett, and first shift Race Director, Pat Lee

Morgan Allen cruising

Chris Tetlock - our second place finisher - in Backyard parlance, he made the assist

Our champion, Derek Anaquod, and crew, Candace

Socializing was a big part of this event

It got pretty dark after 9 pm

Our last woman standing, Carolyn Murray with uber-crew Duane Banman

Melissa Burns, the assist for the last woman standing, with crew

Canadian Death Race - Near Death Experience, Grande Cache AB, July 31, 2021

Five Regina runners completed the “Near Death” event at the Canadian Death Race in Grande Cache AB yesterday. The Near Death event is a marathon on tough trails with 2132 m of elevation gain. To add to the difficulty, temperatures reached 33 degrees!

Regina’s finishers were

Jed Joseph Azcueta in 6:30:25, 21st M/74

Abbey Schmidt, 6:56:49, 13th W/79

Greg Chovin, 7:38:06, 38th M

Mike Szeles, 7:38:06, 39th M

Chantel De Lorme, 8:29:50, 34th W

Sorry, no age group results available.

Congratulations on a fantastic job!

Sea Me Run Marathon, Barrington NS, July 25, 2021

Congrats to Paula Bzdell for a Boston-qualifying result at the Sea Me Run marathon in Barrington, NS. Paula ran 3:45:51 for 6th in the W40-49 category.

sinister 7 161 km, crowsnest pass, july 10, 11, 2021

Congrats to all the Sinister 7 runners in Crowsnest Pass, Alta on July 10 and 11. The Sinister 7 is a 100-mile race that gains 6665 m of elevation on rugged trails. This year was especially tough with temperatures over 30 degrees lasting late into the evening. The hot temperatures led to a really low finishing rate for the soloists of 25%!

The photo below shows the team Poor Life Choices, an all female team of only four runners doing the seven stages. Marathon Matters member Lee-Ann Ricci did stages 6 and 7, contributing to their team finish in 28:43:37! Congrats!