2022 Club Results

Maah Daah Hey Trail 56 miles, Half-Marathon, Medora ND, July 30, 2022

Regina runners earned a slew of top ten finishes at the Maah Daah Hey trail race in the badlands of North Dakota, yesterday. The race is on single track in jaw-droppingly gorgeous scenery; but the runners had to deal with extreme heat. There were some reports of the temperature reaching 30. Still, our runners persevered and excelled.

In the 50 mile (actually 56 or 57 mile) race:

Harold Litzenberger, 2nd M, 13:19:22

Jason Burns, 3rd M, 13:39:03

Melissa Burns, 2nd W, 14:42:29

Jason Hubick, 6th M, 16:18:33

In the half-marathon:

Kevin Bedel, 2:12:59, 5th M30-39

Jenna Bedel, 2:14:28, 5th W30-39

Sheila Durey, 2:26:15, 2nd W50-59

Joanne Noll, 2:28:13, 2nd W60-69

Shelley Zerr ran the 10k.

Congrats, runners!

Nova Scotia Marathon, Barrington, July 24, 2022

Congrats to Cam Thick on his finish of the Nova Scotia marathon in Barrington on July 24. Cam finished in 4:12:03, good for third place in M40! Amanda Thick ran the 10k in 1:41:58 - congrats, runners!

Sinister 7 100 Mile Race, Crowsnest Pass, AB, July 9-10, 2022

Congrats to the Regina runners who ran the notoriously hard Sinister Seven on July 9 and 10. The trail race, in the Crowsnest pass area of Alberta, consists of seven stages, 100 miles, and 6,600 m of elevation gain and loss. The Regina team pictured here - the Vintage Vixens - placed second in the women's category in 17:14:27, although the four runners had to cover 7 stages and competed against other teams with more runners (usually 7). This year's race was done in the reverse order of previous years - Legs 7 (10.3 km) and 3 (31.4 km) were done by Kaytlyn Criddle; Elizabeth Tomczak ran legs 6 (31.9 km) and 1 (18.3 km); Karissa Lepage ran legs 5 (27.4 km) and 2 (16.7 km); and Julia Totosy ran legs 4 (23.4) and 1 (18.3 km). Well done runners!

In the solo category, there is bad news and good news. Our Heidi Schmalz, only 4 weeks after finishing a gruesomely hard Hidden Oasis 100 miler, was running very well, but had to make the difficult decision to withdraw at 150 km. Heidi was experiencing post Covid breathing difficulty - wheezing, dizzy spells, and hallucinations. Heidi is to be congratulated as much for making the sound decision to withdraw, as she is for her gutsy running and strong legs.

Paul Duperreault and Tyler Hogan finished in 27th and 42nd places in the Men’s category in 27:52:55 and 29:14:47 respectively.

Regina's Michael Szeles, also had to withdraw from the solo 50 miler.

Congrats to all our brave runners for their courage to start and their tremendous running.

Kelowna Wine Country Half Marathon, June 18, 2022

Rob McLeod had a stellar result at the Kelowna Wine Country half marathon on June 18. Rob ran 1:28:32 to win the Men’s 60 division, and was 6th of 543 overall! Well done!

Coeur d'Alene Ironman 70.3, Idaho, June 26, 2022

Congrats to Regina athletes who finished the Coeur d’Alene Ironman 70.3 in Idaho on June 26. The 70.3 is named for 70.3 miles - the traditional half Ironman distance - and consists of a 1.8 km swim, 90 km bike ride, and 21.1 km run.

Jackie Hatherly earned a trip to Ironman 70.3 world championships with a first place finish in the W55 category, in 5:16:09.

Jackie was followed by:

Alyssa Kimber, 5:34:42, 16th W25

Krystle Barkway, 6:07:51, 44th W30

Cory Kulczycki, 7:13:59, 136th M45

Dhon Gumban, 8:12:19, 183rd M40

Tarra Dubreuil, 8:30:57, 122nd W40

Way to go, athletes!

Rundle's Revenge, Canmore, June 25-26, 2022

Congrats to Regina’s trail runners who competed at the Kailani Rundle’s Revenge on June 25-26. The 25 km trail runners were led by Amy Carlson who finished in2:51:58 for 5th in the Open Women’s category. Mom Terri Carlson was not far behind in 3:10:03, good got 6th in W40+.

Adriana Moryski ran the furthest distance of the day with 37.5 km. Despite overcoming stomach issues, she had the willpower to start her last loop, but wasn’t able to finish.

The Iron Donkey Half event is a 50 km bike on Saturday and 25 km run on Sunday- Donn Lay was 6th in M40+ in 3:08:51. The Iron Donkey Lite event was a 25 km bike on Saturday and a 12.5 km run on Sunday. Results for that event were:

Jim Carlson, 1:21:44, 4th M40+

Joanne Noll, 1:32:55, 4th W40+

Chris Hall, 1:39:23, 8th M40+

Randy French, 1:49:45, 9th M40+

Congrats to all!

Joanne Noll, Terri Carlson, Jim Carlson, Any carlson

Banff Marathon, June 19, 2022

Regina runners earned some tremendous results at the Banff marathon and half-marathon on June 19. The sole Regina marathoner was Cheryl Downes, who finished in 5:05:40 for 8th in W45. The half-marathoners were led by former Regina, Ingrid Currie, who won the W60 division in 1:53:14.

Here are the rest of the Regina half-marathon results:

Mariano Gustilo, 1:53:47,16th M35

Patrice Krueger, 1:59:22, 3rd W55

Monica Rainbow, 1:59:55,7th W45

Patti Sandison Cattell, 2:04:45,6th W55

Maureen Powell, 2:04:46,7th W55

Kathy Dreher, 2:05:35,3rd W60

Peggy Junek, 2:06:49,9th W45

Greg Kraushaar, 2:10:50,34th M40

Deborah Huys, 2:13:10,4th W60

Sage Fox-Schaffer, 2:13:45,21st W40

Jodine Landman, 2:14:13,44th W35

Paul Westgate, 2:14:14,27th M45

Patricio Cabato III, 2:24:49,37th M40

Jobel Vicente, 2:27:03,40th M40

Jill Bashutski, 2:30:25,48th W40

Beverly Wudrich, 2:33:38,31st W45

Sam Stamina, 2:55:50,101st W25

Eric Constantine, 2:59:00,56th M35

Congrats to all the runners!

BigFoot 50 and 25 km, White Butte, June 18, 2022

The heat was the story at the BigFoot 50 Trail race. It took place on the hottest day of the year so far - 33 degrees or 40 degrees for Humidex! Still some brave runners did the 50 km ultra while others ran the 25 km or 12.5 km on trails out at White Butte. The winners of the 50 km were James Beer and Racquel Marshall. The winners of the 25 km were Chris Tetlock and Chelsey Dorosh.

Marathon Matters Club Results - 50 km

Conor Renouf, 4:31:48, 2nd M

Jason Burns, 6:07:55, 8th M

Melissa Burns, 6:26:40, 3rd W

25 km Club results:

Gary Larson, 2:11:04, 3rd M

Abbey Schmidt, 2:20:14, 2nd W

Doug Hynne, 2:39:52, 8th M

Shaun Quinney, 2:40:38,9th M

Joanne Noll, 2:48:12,8th W

Crystal Kowalski, 2:56:56,12th W

Wendy Tomyk, 3:21:36,16th W

Debra Anderson,4:12:37,20th W

Deanne Selinger, 4:12:38,21st W

Full results are at https://www.webscorer.com/race?raceid=280562

As always, and particularly for a hot run like this one, the runners thank organizer Jason Hubick and his army of dedicated volunteers.

Well done, everyone!

Top Saskatchewan Age Group Results for 2022

We are going to try to compile and maintain a list of top ten results for Saskatchewan runners - overall and age group placings for 2022. As of June 20, 2022, they are:

Top Ten Women

1 Brooke MacDonald, 2:58:59, Vancouver

2 Hailey Thompson, 3:00:27, Vancouver

3 Robyn Luthi, 3:09:13, Boston

4 Julia Totosy de Zepetnek, 3:22:36, Boston

5 Mandy Currie, 3:22:49, Saskatchewan

6 Abbey Schmidt, 3:34:23, Calgary

7 Tammy Preziger Leggo, 3:36:17, Saskatchewan

8 Amber Rollack, 3:38:13, Saskatchewan

9 Bernell Antstey, 3:41:03, Saskatchewan

10 Ashley King, 3:44:18, Calgary

Top Ten Men

1 Tanner Schatz, 2:51:07, Saskatchewan

2 Conor Renouf, 2:52:03, Saskatchewan

3 Justin Sawka, 2:58:02, Boston

4 Rick Warawa, 3:01:35, Boston

5 Conor Renouf, 3:02:50, Gopher Attack

6 Thao Dow, 3:04:21, Saskatchewan

7 James Funk, 3:04:23, Boston

8 Alex Laberge, 3:06:14, Calgary

9 Matt Delaney, 3:19:19, Saskatchewan

10 Colin Chovin, 3:20:48

Top Ten Women Age 20-29

1 Brooke MacDonald, 2:58:59, Vancouver

2 Mary Lynn Beaulieu, 3:54:47, Saskatchewan

3 Emma Kerr, 4:00:01, Saskatchewan

4 Rebecca Sweeney, 4:04:26, Saskatchewan

5 Shukwia Tajik, 4:19:25, Banff

6 Jessica Martens, 4:32:16, Saskatchewan

7 Maxi Biederstaedt, 4:35:36, Saskatchewan

8 Shukofu Tajik, 5:24:44, Banff

9 Marissa Glofcheskie, 5:25:44, Vancouver

Top Ten Women Age 30-39

1 Hailey Thompson, 3:00:27, Vancouver

2 Julia Totosy de Zepetnek, 3:22:36, Boston

3 Mandy Currie, 3:22:49, Saskatchewan

4 Abbey Schmidt, 3:34:23, Calgary

5 Ashley King, 3:44:18, Calgary

6 Paige Hutchings, 4:05:04, Saskatchewan

7 Rebecca Hardin, 4:21:16, Saskatchewan

8 Amber Mann, 4:29:53, Saskatchewan

Top Ten Women Age 40-49

1 Robyn Luthi, 3:09:13, Boston

2 Celeste Cross Child, 3:12:31, Eugene

3 Tammy Preziger Leggo, 3:36:17, Saskatchewan

4 Amber Rollack, 3:38:13, Saskatchewan

5 Bernell Antstey, 3:41:03, Saskatchewan

6 Bernell Antstey, 3:46:01, Boston

7 Kathy Pickert, 3:47:18, Saskatchewan

8 Trisha Lunt, 3:50:59, Boston

9 Alana Kulyk, 3:54:36, Saskatchewan

10 Paula Bzdell, 3:58:47, Boston

Top Ten Women Age 50-59

1 Gaylene Jeannot, 3:52:42, Vancouver

2 Vicki Macpherson, 3:55:42, Saskatchewan

3 Cyndi Jeffery, 4:09:24, Saskatchewan

4 Tanya Ritchie, 4:18:49, Boston

5 Nancy MacKenzie, 4:20:06, Saskatchewan

6 Tracy Rochon, 4:31:57, Saskatchewan

7 Yvonne Cafik, 4:45:32, Boston

8 Catriona Muir, 4:55:07, Saskatchewan

9 Karen Hedin, 5:15:54, Gopher Attack

10 Tania Diener, 5:20:02, Big Sur

Top Ten Women Age 60-69

1 Bette Boechler, 3:38:49, Paris

2 Gay Renouf, 4:14:53, Gopher Attack

3 Gay Renouf, 4:28:08, Jerusalem

4 Joanne Noll, 4:39:05, Vancouver

5 Gay Renouf, 5:01:45, Ottawa Winterman

Top Ten Men Age 20-29

1 Nathaniel Helmke, 3:35:45, Saskatchewan

2 Chris Kizlyk, 3:41:56, Saskatchewan

3 Ethan Kish, 3:46:27, Saskatchewan

4 Cameron Hetzel, 3:57:38, Saskatchewan

5 Sean Splawinski, 4:11:52, Saskatchewan

6 Adam Luchkanych, 4:14:10, Saskatchewan

7 Kyle Dressler, 4:16:09, Gopher Attack

8 Oleksandr Alba, 4:20:27, Saskatchewan

9 Verdran Knezevic, 4:59:24, Vancouver

Top Ten Men Age 30-39

1 Tanner Schatz, 2:51:07, Saskatchewan

2 Conor Renouf, 2:52:03, Saskatchewan

3 Justin Sawka, 2:58:02, Boston

4 Conor Renouf, 3:02:50, Gopher Attack

5 Thao Dow, 3:04:21, Saskatchewan

6 Alex Laberge, 3:06:14, Calgary

7 Matt Delaney, 3:19:19, Saskatchewan

8 Russell Schneider, 3:20:55, Saskatchewan

9 Ryan Clark, 3:24:35, Saskatchewan

10 David Fritz, 3:27:43, Saskatchewan

Top Ten Men Age 40-49

1 Rick Warawa, 3:01:35, Boston

2 David Williams, 3:22:40, Saskatchewan

3 Grant Ferguson, 3:28:02, Vancouver

4 Tarrant Cross Child, 3:38:00, Saskatchewan

5 Bruce James, 3:40:24, Saskatchewan

6 Dave Murray, 3:43:31, Saskatchewan

7 Eric Zeliang Li, 4:00:28, Saskatchewan

8 David Diemert, 4:05:29, Banff

9 Lloyd Sehn, 4:06:31, Saskatchewan

10 Michael Dahlman, 4:06:49, Calgary

Top Ten Men 50-59

1 James Funk, 3:04:23, Boston

2 Colin Chovin, 3:20:48, Saskatchewan

3 Brian Michasiw, 3:37:59, Saskatchewan

4 Jason Gendur, 3:39:09, Banff

5 Hein Mynhardt, 3:42:27, Saskatchewan

6 Dennis Furniss, 3:52:00, Saskatchewan

7 Greg Chovin, 4:13:12, Calgary

8 Danny Kerslake, 4:20:43, Calgary

9 Ray Fox, 4:33:37, Saskatchewan

10 Jan Steenkamp, 4:59:21, Vancouver

Top Ten Men Age 60-69

1 Robert St Amant, 3:34:01, Boston

2 Robert McLeod, 3:35:20, Gopher Attack

3 Rod Rollack, 3:38:13, Saskatchewan

4 Kirby Baynton, 3:50:29, Saskatchewan

5 Michael Morrison, 3:55:57, Gopher Attack

6 Brian Pierce, 4:00:39, Saskatchewan

7 Kenneth Lypka, 4:10:15, Saskatchewan

8 Michael Morrison, 4:12:01, Saskatchewan

9 Dennis Mager, 4:16:37, Saskatchewan

10 Tom Walter, 4:31:56, Saskatchewan

Top Ten Men Age 70-79

1 Dan Froese, 4:34:01, Saskatchewan

2 Dan Froese, 4:59:12, Gopher Attack

Top Ten Men Age 80+

1 Milos Kostic, 5:09:30, Boston

Hidden Oasis 100 mile, Cypress Hills, June 11-12, 2022

Regina area’s 100 mile Queen has surpassed herself! On June 11 and 12, Heidi Schmalz took on the inaugural Hidden Oasis 100 mile (actually 168 km or 104 miles) in the Cypress Hills Interprovincial park. The course reaches the highest altitude between the Rocky Mountains and Labrador - 1466 m; covers all manner of trails; has about 10 water crossings; and climbs and descends 3300 m. The race is divided into six stages and most racers took part in relay teams. Heidi was among the few soloists and the even fewer who finished.

Heidi’s experience was exceptional. Some of the flags marking the course had blown away, and route finding was difficult to say the least - so much that participants are calling it the “Canadian Barkley”. Heidi reported scanning and scanning the area for the next flag, and then using hands and poles to scramble up 40 degree slopes. She reported being lost for hours, and estimated her actual run distance as close to 200 km.

Hundred mile runners know how important a race crew is, and Heidi couldn’t have finished without crew chief Bob Higgins and pacer Jason Hubick, who did the two final stages through the night with Heidi. Heidi finished as second woman (and second overall!) in 31:56:33.

Her thoughts summing up the experience: “I am still blown away by what a struggle that was. I have never pushed like that before and struggled to stay in the moment. I wanted a PR. What I got was so much more valuable. I learned that I can choose to not quit on myself in ways I never had to face before.”

I will try to post some amazing videos of Heidi’s sprint (!!!) finish after 30 hours (technical difficulties) and with selfless and amazing pacer Jason. This MM editor thinks this race and how Heidi handled herself is one of the most astounding ultra running results for Saskatchewan runners! Congrats Heidi, Bob and Jason!

SufferFest 2022, Edmonton 24 hour race, June 11-12, 2022

Jan Steenkamp and Tania Diener have just finished their sixth marathon or ultra in seven weeks. This latest event was the SufferFest 2022 in Edmonton - a 24 hour event on a one mile course that included a lap of a 400 m track. They each ran 50 miles which earned them sixth placed man for Jan and eighth placed woman for Tania! Well done!

Calgary Marathon and Half-Marathon, May 29, 2022

Congrats to our runners at the Calgary marathon and half-marathon. Special mentions to Abbey Schmidt, Michael Dahlman, Chantel De Lorme, Paul Westgate, and Amy Carlson for their new PBs and to Abbey for her Boston qualifier! Congrats to Terri Carlson for her age group placing! Results were:

Alex Laberge, 3:06:14, 7th M30

Abbey Schmidt, 3:34:23, 4th W35

Ashley King, 3:44:18, 10th W30

Michael Dahlman, 4:06:49, 41st M40

Greg Chovin, 4:13:12, 14th M55

Chantel De Lorme, 4:36:08, 12th W45

Darwin Weimer, 5:46:25, 11th M65


Miranda Miller, 1:42:12, 9th W30

Amy Carlson, 1:45:57, 21st W30

Jim Carlson, 1:48:58, 4th M60

Kevin Hassman, 1:54:54, 18th M50

Terri Carlson, 1:56:49, 3rd W55

Paul Westgate, 1:58:18, 37th M45

Jodi e Landman, 2:09:26,76th W35

Leslie Afedo, 2:13:29,86th M25

Stephanie Laberge, 2:21:01,97th W30

Terry Weimer, 3:06:44,8th W65

Congrats all - please comment on other PBs or any errors.

Saskatchewan Marathon and Half-Marathon, Saskatoon, May 29, 2022

Congrats to our Regina runners who had such great results at the Saskatchewan marathon on May 29. Elizabeth Tomczak was the women’s winner in the half, and Conor Renouf placed third in the Men’s marathon. Ryan Clark, Trisha Lunt and Jannike Matlock all set PRs.


Conor Renouf, 2:52:03, 3rd Men’s overall

Ryan Clark, 3:24:35, 9th M30

Nathaniel Helmke, 3:35:45, 2nd M20

Rebecca Sweeney, 4:04:26, 4th W20

Michael Morrison, 4:12:01, 5th M60

Dennis Mager, 4:16:37,2nd M65

Nancy MacKenzie, 4:20:06,5th W50

Dan Gudmundson, 4:38:57,15th M40

Jan Steenkamp, 5:05:27,12th M50

Tania Diener, 5:13:07,11th W50

Regina half-marathon age placers and PRs

Rick Warawa, 1:27:09,4th M40

Elizabeth Tomczak, 1:28:34,1st W

Lane Rathgeber, 1:38:15,2nd M50

Courtlyn Fazakas, 1:40:55, 4th W30

Trisha Lunt,1:42:56,3rd W40

Kiara Sullivan,1:45:12,1st W under 19

Tim Gross,1:48:15,3rd M60

Jannike Matlock,2:06:45,50th W30

Congrats to all - please comment if I left anyone out; if anyone set a PR or if I made an error! This was the 5th marathon in 6 weeks for dynamic duo Jan Steenkamp and Tania Diener!

Blackfoot Ultra, Edmonton AB, May 28, 2022

Our Saskatchewan trail runners did great at the Blackfoot ultra near Edmonton on May 28! The race is described as “Death by 100 hills and is similar to White Butte trails, but with bigger hills! Harold Litzenberger did his first 100 km and finished 10th in the men’s race! Dennis Dreher, Donn Lay and Adriana Moryski finished in 6:22:50, 7:08:50 and 7:08:50 for 30th M, 43rd M and 18th W respectively in the 50 km race. Kate Dreher finished as the 7th Woman in the 25 km event in 2:42:50.

Congrats, all!

Echo Lake Road Race, May 22, 2022

Here are the age group winners of the Echo Lake 20 km road race in Fort Qu'Appelle on May 22. Jared Hagen and Elizabeth Tomczak were the overall winners in 1:18:18 and 1:23:30, respectively. The 40-49 age groups were won by David Kamuti and Lorraine Brezinski in 1:29:07 and 1:33:00; and the over-50 age groups were won by Gerry Nagy and Terra Jacobsen in 1:19:42 and 1:42:33. Full results are at https://www.fortquappellelions.com/2022-race-results.html

Congrats to all runners!

Ironman Tulsa, OK, May 22, 2022

Congrats to Gary Thiel who qualified for the Ironman World Championships today at Ironman Tulsa. Gary completed the 3.8 km swim, 180 km bike and 42.2 km run in 11:28:20, good for second place (out of 38) in M55.

Woody's RV Marathon, Red Deer AB, May 22, 2022

Congrats to our prolific marathoners, Jan Steenkamp and Tania Diener, on their marathon finishes at Woody’s RV marathon in Red Deer. This was their 4th marathon or ultra in five weeks. Tania ran 5:19:36 for 5th in W50, and Jan ran 5:19:37 for 17th in M50. You’re on a roll, congrats!

Spartan Ultra 50 k, Bigfork Montana, May 7, 2022

Two of our runners who earned 100 km buckles at the Canada Goose Ultra last week actually earned two buckles in 8 days. Jason and Melissa Burns both finished the 50 km Spartan Ultra in Bigfork Montana on May 7. Melissa won second in W40 in 10:17, and Jason earned 4th in M40 in 8:09. The course and event were gruesome - 2900 m of elevation game plus 68 obstacles, in constant rain with some hail and snow.

The running and climbing distances made finishing each obstacle harder. Obstacles included rope climbs, heavy carries, fire jumps, etc. Jason reported that before this event, he hadn’t missed an obstacle for 6 years; he missed two at this event. Each obstacle missed requires the athlete to either do 30 burpees or run penalty laps. Melissa reported a total of 54 km.

This event was definitely type two fun - Melissa wrote that she was crying uncontrollably more than once and full-on bawled at the finish. Jason and Melissa, we are so impressed with and proud of you! And then you topped it off by running 100 km a week later!

Oxbow 50 k, Spruce Woods Provincial Park, MB, May 1, 2022

Congrats to Kate and Dennis Dreher who rocked the Oxbow 50 ultra in Spruce Woods MB on May 1. Kate won the W60 age group in 6:30:59, and Dennis was 4th in M50-59 in 6:31:01.

Vancouver Marathon, May 1, 2022

Congrats to our many Regina runners who ran in the Vancouver marathon, half and other races on May 1. Scott Kiefer had a top performance with a 9th in his age group in the half. Congrats to Dhon Gumban for a superlative PR, also in the half. Jan Steenkamp and Tania Diener ran the marathon a week after the hilly Big Sur marathon (ouch)! Here are the marathon and half marathon results:


Ryan Clark, 3:38:35, 160th M30

Gaylene Jeannot, 3:52:42, 17th W50

Joanne Noll, 4:39:05, 17th W60

Verdran Knezevic, 4:49:24, 354th M25

Duane Mombourquette, 4:54:01, 59th M60

Jan Steenkamp, 4:59:21, 114th M55

Tania Diener, 5:22:07, 50th W55

Marissa Glofcheskie, 5:25:44, 264 W25

Half Marathon

Scott Kiefer, 1:21:58, 9th M35

Mallory Murchison, 1:37:35, 21st W35

Michael Torrie, 1:39:32, 28th M45

Erin Kiefer, 1:40:51, 35th W35

Joe Wilber-Kallis, 1:44:53, 78th M40

Lauren McLellan, 1:49:37, 76th W35

Kyle van Mulligen, 1:51:48, 255th M30

Naresh Tinani, 1:53:33, 140th M40

Sheldon Gardner, 2:00:12, 102nd M50

Angela Arnold, 2:01:50, 80th W50

Kristel Kriel, 2:06:12, 206th W35

Dhon Gumban, 2:19:22, 325th M40

Rosemary Courtney, 2:19:40, 258th W40

Lyle Kallis, 2:33:40, 41st M65

Shannon Obey, 3:44:49, 721 W30

Big Sur Marathon, Monterey California, April 24, 2022

Congrats to Jan Steenkamp and Tania Diener for completing the marathon labeled one of world’s best or most beautiful! The marathon climbs 2182 feet and includes one 2 mile climb that culminates with the sight and sounds of a pianist playing a grand piano at the top. The kissing duo finished the Big Sur marathon on the California coastline yesterday. Jan finished in 5:11:19 for 95th in the M55 and Tania finished in 5:20:02 for 75th in W55. Way to go!

Boston Marathon, April 18, 2022

Congrats to our Regina finishers of the Boston marathon today. These runners earned their unicorn today by qualifying and then running the fabled race. Huge congrats to Milos Kostic for winning the M80+ age group!

Justin Sawka, 2:58:02, 1864th in Open Men

Rick Warawa, 3:01:35, 316th M45

Julia Totosy de Zepetnek, 3:22:36, 1196th Open W

Trisha Lunt, 3:50:59, 822nd W45

Paula Bzdell, 3:58:47, 1006th W45

Yvonne Cafik, 4:45:32, 642nd W55

Milos Kostic, 5:09:30, 1st M80+

Jerusalem Marathon, March 25, 2022

Gay Renouf completed the very hilly Jerusalem marathon on March 25. The race has an elevation gain and loss of 2100 feet. It travelled through the old city on ancient paving stones, and many, many hills. Gay finished in 4:28:08.

Winterman Marathon, Ottawa, Feb 20, 2022

The organizers of the Ottawa Winterman marathon did an incredible job on Feb 20 - they had incredible, cheerful volunteers and even pulled off a venue change at the last moment owing to Ottawa’s downtown restricted owing to the protests. Unfortunately…the footing…In Regina, we should be so happy that Wascana Park brushes the paths free of snow. In Ottawa, they remove snow except for the bottom two inches and then layer it heavily with salt. Ugh.

Nevertheless all Regina runners won their age groups! Congrats to Gay Renouf (5:01:45), Jan Steenkamp (5:40:51), and Tania Diener (6:01:24).

Cure for the Brrr Marathon, Half-Marathon, and Loop Run, Jan 2, 2022

Congrats to the brave runners who signed up for a winter race when the weather had windchills of - 50 degrees - I hope they weren't too disappointed with the temperatures of -24 to -14. The smiles were definitely the cure for the brrr. Here are the results:


Conor Renouf, 3:19:19

Gay Renouf, 4:57:41

Jan Steenkamp, 5:10:43


Gaylene Jeannot, half in 2:05:44 (continued on for 22.2 km)

Terri Carlson, half in 2:06:39 (continued on for 24 km)

Amy Lee, half in 2:06:39 (continued on for 24 km)

Darryl Mailander, 2:08:28

Chris Dornstauder, 2:15:46

Melissa Burns, 2:16

Jason Burns, 2:16

Sarah Elias, 2:20:10

Jason Hubick, 2:22:50

Dale Harvey, 2:44:22

Tania Diener, 3:12:19 (with a broken toe !!)

Chris Butz, 3:21:00


Mariano Gustilo, 20.4 km, 2:10

Blair Morris, 20 km, 2:49

Ashley King, 16 km, 1:30:28

Abbey Schmidt, 16 km, 1:30:28

Rob McLeod, 16 km, 1:55:43

Adam Hicks, 12 km, 1:11:01

Matt Stephenson, 12 km, 1:11:01

Patricio III Cabato, 12 km, 1:30:18

Steve Whelan, 12 km, 1:22:34

Michel Turmel, 9 km, 58:44

Trisha Lunt, 8 km, 52:00

April Lloyd, 8 km, 56:50

Meg Braithwaite, 8 km, 59:00

Debra Anderson, 8 km, 1:03:00

Sandy MacDonald, 8 km, 1:13:52

Constance Kozak, 5 km, 1:04:00 (another one with a broken toe!)

Patrice Turmel, 5 km, 1:04:00

Shawn Weimer, 4 km, 31:42

Morgan Allen, 4 km, 24:54

Rachel Evans, 4 km, 34:42

Paula Bzdell, 4 km, 34:52

Deane Selinger, 4 km, 46:56

Nathan Anderson, 4 km, 46:56

Aubrey Swift, 4 km

Susan Schneider, 4 km

Amanda Benesh, 4 km