2022 Club Results

Spartan Ultra 50 k, Bigfork Montana, May 7, 2022

Two of our runners who earned 100 km buckles at the Canada Goose Ultra last week actually earned two buckles in 8 days. Jason and Melissa Burns both finished the 50 km Spartan Ultra in Bigfork Montana on May 7. Melissa won second in W40 in 10:17, and Jason earned 4th in M40 in 8:09. The course and event were gruesome - 2900 m of elevation game plus 68 obstacles, in constant rain with some hail and snow.

The running and climbing distances made finishing each obstacle harder. Obstacles included rope climbs, heavy carries, fire jumps, etc. Jason reported that before this event, he hadn’t missed an obstacle for 6 years; he missed two at this event. Each obstacle missed requires the athlete to either do 30 burpees or run penalty laps. Melissa reported a total of 54 km.

This event was definitely type two fun - Melissa wrote that she was crying uncontrollably more than once and full-on bawled at the finish. Jason and Melissa, we are so impressed with and proud of you! And then you topped it off by running 100 km a week later!

Oxbow 50 k, Spruce Woods Provincial Park, MB, May 1, 2022

Congrats to Kate and Dennis Dreher who rocked the Oxbow 50 ultra in Spruce Woods MB on May 1. Kate won the W60 age group in 6:30:59, and Dennis was 4th in M50-59 in 6:31:01.

Vancouver Marathon, May 1, 2022

Congrats to our many Regina runners who ran in the Vancouver marathon, half and other races on May 1. Scott Kiefer had a top performance with a 9th in his age group in the half. Congrats to Dhon Gumban for a superlative PR, also in the half. Jan Steenkamp and Tania Diener ran the marathon a week after the hilly Big Sur marathon (ouch)! Here are the marathon and half marathon results:


Ryan Clark, 3:38:35, 160th M30

Gaylene Jeannot, 3:52:42, 17th W50

Joanne Noll, 4:39:05, 17th W60

Verdran Knezevic, 4:49:24, 354th M25

Duane Mombourquette, 4:54:01, 59th M60

Jan Steenkamp, 4:59:21, 114th M55

Tania Diener, 5:22:07, 50th W55

Marissa Glofcheskie, 5:25:44, 264 W25

Half Marathon

Scott Kiefer, 1:21:58, 9th M35

Mallory Murchison, 1:37:35, 21st W35

Michael Torrie, 1:39:32, 28th M45

Erin Kiefer, 1:40:51, 35th W35

Joe Wilber-Kallis, 1:44:53, 78th M40

Lauren McLellan, 1:49:37, 76th W35

Kyle van Mulligen, 1:51:48, 255th M30

Naresh Tinani, 1:53:33, 140th M40

Sheldon Gardner, 2:00:12, 102nd M50

Angela Arnold, 2:01:50, 80th W50

Kristel Kriel, 2:06:12, 206th W35

Dhon Gumban, 2:19:22, 325th M40

Rosemary Courtney, 2:19:40, 258th W40

Lyle Kallis, 2:33:40, 41st M65

Shannon Obey, 3:44:49, 721 W30

Big Sur Marathon, Monterey California, April 24, 2022

Congrats to Jan Steenkamp and Tania Diener for completing the marathon labeled one of world’s best or most beautiful! The marathon climbs 2182 feet and includes one 2 mile climb that culminates with the sight and sounds of a pianist playing a grand piano at the top. The kissing duo finished the Big Sur marathon on the California coastline yesterday. Jan finished in 5:11:19 for 95th in the M55 and Tania finished in 5:20:02 for 75th in W55. Way to go!

Boston Marathon, April 18, 2022

Congrats to our Regina finishers of the Boston marathon today. These runners earned their unicorn today by qualifying and then running the fabled race. Huge congrats to Milos Kostic for winning the M80+ age group!

Justin Sawka, 2:58:02, 1864th in Open Men

Rick Warawa, 3:01:35, 316th M45

Julia Totosy de Zepetnek, 3:22:36, 1196th Open W

Trisha Lunt, 3:50:59, 822nd W45

Paula Bzdell, 3:58:47, 1006th W45

Yvonne Cafik, 4:45:32, 642nd W55

Milos Kostic, 5:09:30, 1st M80+

Jerusalem Marathon, March 25, 2022

Gay Renouf completed the very hilly Jerusalem marathon on March 25. The race has an elevation gain and loss of 2100 feet. It travelled through the old city on ancient paving stones, and many, many hills. Gay finished in 4:28:08.

Winterman Marathon, Ottawa, Feb 20, 2022

The organizers of the Ottawa Winterman marathon did an incredible job on Feb 20 - they had incredible, cheerful volunteers and even pulled off a venue change at the last moment owing to Ottawa’s downtown restricted owing to the protests. Unfortunately…the footing…In Regina, we should be so happy that Wascana Park brushes the paths free of snow. In Ottawa, they remove snow except for the bottom two inches and then layer it heavily with salt. Ugh.

Nevertheless all Regina runners won their age groups! Congrats to Gay Renouf (5:01:45), Jan Steenkamp (5:40:51), and Tania Diener (6:01:24).

Cure for the Brrr Marathon, Half-Marathon, and Loop Run, Jan 2, 2022

Congrats to the brave runners who signed up for a winter race when the weather had windchills of - 50 degrees - I hope they weren't too disappointed with the temperatures of -24 to -14. The smiles were definitely the cure for the brrr. Here are the results:


Conor Renouf, 3:19:19

Gay Renouf, 4:57:41

Jan Steenkamp, 5:10:43


Gaylene Jeannot, half in 2:05:44 (continued on for 22.2 km)

Terri Carlson, half in 2:06:39 (continued on for 24 km)

Amy Lee, half in 2:06:39 (continued on for 24 km)

Darryl Mailander, 2:08:28

Chris Dornstauder, 2:15:46

Melissa Burns, 2:16

Jason Burns, 2:16

Sarah Elias, 2:20:10

Jason Hubick, 2:22:50

Dale Harvey, 2:44:22

Tania Diener, 3:12:19 (with a broken toe !!)

Chris Butz, 3:21:00


Mariano Gustilo, 20.4 km, 2:10

Blair Morris, 20 km, 2:49

Ashley King, 16 km, 1:30:28

Abbey Schmidt, 16 km, 1:30:28

Rob McLeod, 16 km, 1:55:43

Adam Hicks, 12 km, 1:11:01

Matt Stephenson, 12 km, 1:11:01

Patricio III Cabato, 12 km, 1:30:18

Steve Whelan, 12 km, 1:22:34

Michel Turmel, 9 km, 58:44

Trisha Lunt, 8 km, 52:00

April Lloyd, 8 km, 56:50

Meg Braithwaite, 8 km, 59:00

Debra Anderson, 8 km, 1:03:00

Sandy MacDonald, 8 km, 1:13:52

Constance Kozak, 5 km, 1:04:00 (another one with a broken toe!)

Patrice Turmel, 5 km, 1:04:00

Shawn Weimer, 4 km, 31:42

Morgan Allen, 4 km, 24:54

Rachel Evans, 4 km, 34:42

Paula Bzdell, 4 km, 34:52

Deane Selinger, 4 km, 46:56

Nathan Anderson, 4 km, 46:56

Aubrey Swift, 4 km

Susan Schneider, 4 km

Amanda Benesh, 4 km