2019 Club results

New York City Marathon, November 2, 2019

Congrats to our Regina runners who did the biggest marathon in the world, and one of the six world major marathons,today! Craig Herrington finished the New York City marathon in 3:10:56; Brian Wicks in 3:36:26; and Lorraine Brezinski finished in 3:42:58. Really great times for this hilly, tough course. Congrats, you’ve done us Flatlanders proud!

P'tit Train du Nord, Quebec, October 20, 2019

Our President sure rocked his age group on Sunday at the marathon du P’tit Train du Nord in the Quebec Lauretians. The course is a point to point net downhill that bills itself as the fastest in North America - provided that you’re a good downhill runner. And Rob McLeod is surely that! He ran a new PR 3:03:14 for first place out of 86 in his M60 age group. Well done Rob - we are so proud of you!

Toronto Marathon, October 20, 2019

Three Regina and Moose Jaw area marathoners and six half-marathoners ran in Canada’s most competitive race - the Toronto marathon on Sunday. In the marathon, Elizabeth Tomczak ran a stellar 3:16:46 for 24th in W30. She as followed by Sara Forster in 3:29:06 (37th W30) and Brian Mikuliak in 3:57:00 for 52nd in M55.

The half-marathoners were super speedy too!

Lisa Hoffart,1:27:29,6th W30

Taylor Henson,1:30:47,51st M30

Jonah Toth,1:36:29,62nd M20

Cory Laczko,1:36:57,95th M30

Deborah Huys,1:59:44,10th W60

Andrea Mulholland,2:17:12,465th W30

Well done to all!

Okanagan Marathon, Kelowna, BC, October 20, 2019

Peter Hagar was the fastest man from the Regina area at the Okanagan marathon in Kelowna. Peter ran 3:23:57 to finish 4th in M50-59. Tania Diener was Regina’s fastest woman, getting ever closer to that 100-marathon mark. She ran 4:42:01 for 18th in W50. Congrats to:

Timothy McGuire,3:58:22,13th M20

Michael Szeles,4:02:04,32nd M30

Jan Steenkamp,4:46:39,23rd M50

In the half-marathon:

Kerry Hysuick,1:38:56,5th W40

Stuart Kramer,1:58:46,15th M60

Congrats to all!

Grizzly Ultra, Canmore, October 13, 2019

Congrats to Kurt Matthewson and Trevor Hopkin on their finishes of the 50 km trail race, the Grizzly Ultra, in Canmore on Oct 13. Trevor finished in 6:26:51, placing 19th in the M40, and Kurt finished in 6:35:50, placing 30th in M30. Well done, gents.

Ironman World Championships, Kona, Hawaii, October 12, 2019

Congratulations to Thea Jacobs who met a lifetime goal of qualifying for and completing the Ironman Triathlon world championships in Kona Hawai’i on Oct 12. To qualify for the world championships, Thea had to win her age group at a previous IM race - consisting of a 3.8 km swim, 180 km bike and 42.2 km run. In Hawaii, Thea swam, bike and ran to a finishing time of 15:04:20, placing a terrific 27th in her W60 age group. Congrats Thea - Regina is proud of you!

Victoria Marathon, Oct 13, 2019

Congrats to the finishers at the Victoria marathon on October 13. Regina athletes had a strong showing including two fast finishes in the half-marathon for Melissa Petersen and Carson Kallis. The Regina results were:

Duane Mombourquette,4:26:55,27th M55

Kaitlynn MacKenzie,4:28:11,43rd W25


Carson Kallis, 1:31:22,20th M25

Melissa Petersen, 1:34:45,15th W30

Lyle Kallis,2:17:37,52nd M20

Shari Mombourquette, 3:00:00,71st W60

Congrats all!

Chicago Marathon, Oct 13, 2019

Here are Matthew Stephenson and Ryan Clark chilling and showing off their medals earned at the Chicago marathon today. Chicago is one of the six marathons in the World Majors, and these athletes earned another star by finishing Chicago. The fastest male from Regina was Robert Davis and Ashley King was the fastest female. Ryan Clark continued his PR-setting streak (three in a row!). Hearty congrats to Regina runners:

Robert Davis,3:11:33,666th M30

Ryan Clark,3:26:16,671st M25

Ashley King, 4:02:45,1062nd W25

Matthew Stephenson,4:04:08,2028th M30

Scott Kiefer,4:10:34,2162nd M30

Michael Dahlman,4:28:17,2828th M35

Greg Chovin,4:29:37,1704th M50

Avelino Gumban,5:04:52,3451st M35

Cheerie Constantino,5:55:23,3046th M30

Bradley Hanowski,6:14:38,1529th M55

Perth Marathon, Australia, October 4, 2019

What goal do you set after you’ve done all the World Major marathons and earned your six star medal? Debbie Bellamy has set her sights on running a marathon on every continent. On Oct 6, she finished her fourth continent at the Perth Running Festival in Australia. She ran 4:49:24 and was second in her age group W60. Congrats!

Flatlanders Road Race, Regina, October 4, 2019

Congrats to all the runners who finished the Flatlanders Road Race. It’s unusual to see a woman being the overall winner, but that’s what happened in the 25 km “ultra half”. Elizabeth Tomczak won the Women’s race in 1:52:32, and Craig Herrington won the Men’s race in 1:52:35. Marathon Member club members who placed in their age groups were:

Cam Thick,1:57:12,2nd M40

Robert Humphries,2:01:23,1st M60

Shaun Quincey,2:06:53,3rd M30

Thomas Gabel,2:10:10,1st M20

Gaylene Jeannot,2:14:44,1st W40

Jim Carlson,2:15:40,3rd M50

Terri Carlson,2:19:06,2nd W50

Denise Harry,2:19:48,2nd W40

Michel Turmel,2:23:40,2nd M60

David Fox,2:27:12,3rd M60

Tania Diener, 2:32:59,3rd W50

Loni Fox,2:38:16,2nd W60

In the half marathon, Kevin Petrychyn was the Men’s winner in 1:26:41 and Erin Kiefer was the Women’s winner in 1:42:02. Other age group placers from MM were:

Paula Bzdell,1:45:41,2nd W40

Doug Hynne,1:48:51,1st M60

Milos Kostic,2:02:02,1st M70

Teresa Donley,2:49:03,3rd W60

(Photo from Shelley Zerr). Congrats all!

Prairie Summit Run, Buffalo Pound, September 22, 2019

Congrats to the runners at the Prairie Summit Run It at Buffalo Pound on September 22. The women’s winner was Kaytlyn Criddle, who finished the hilly 20 km trail in 1:42:19. The men’s winner was Flemming Sondergaard in a time of 1:30:54.

Congrats to our club members in the 20 km race:

Mark Newton, 1:55:40, 8th M

Jim Carlson,2:01:55,11th M

Tom Gabel,2:03:19,12th M

Robert Humphries,2:03:36,13th M

Trevor Hopkin,2:05:59,15th M

Chad Fenrick,2:25:45,24th M

Denise Harry,2:33:58,7th W

Milos Kostic,2:53:41,29th M

Bismarck Marathon and Half, North Dakota, September 21, 2019

The Bismarck marathon excelled with a great race and great post-race activities. The route was mostly on bike paths, meandering through beautiful neighbourhoods and by the river. The swag was plentiful. And...there was a post race pub crawl where runners and friends could earn another medal!!

Tania Diener is close behind husband Jan Steenkamp in the 100 marathon goal - Bismarck was number 95! And Wendy Tomyk showed us all how to rehab an injury- Wendy broke her ankle at the end of June at the Powderface trail race. She carefully returned to walking and then running, and was able to do the half-marathon at Bismarck.

Congrats to Rob McLeod for his age group win and PR and Cathie McLeod for her new PR!

Results were:


Gay Renouf, 4:06:02, 2nd W55

Tania Diener, 4:47:20, 6th W55

Darwin Weimer, 5:23:16, 5th M60

Jan Steenkamp, 5:30:00, 7th M55


Robert McLeod, 1:28:41, 1st M60

Cathie McLeod, 2:23:00, 5th W55

Wendy Tomyk, 2:30:20, 7th W55

Terry Weimer, 3:06:31, 8th W60

Beaver Flat 50, Saskatchewan Landing, September 14, 2019

Congrats to all the tough runners who finished the Beaver Flat 50 and other distances. This gnarly trail race was described by Canadian Running magazine as one of the 15 must-do trail races in Canada - there’s lots of difficult single track, and the 50 km event climbs and descends 2300 m. Our Regina area age group placers were:


Laverne Masur, 2nd M Masters in 6:30:56

Elias Williams,3rd M Open in 6:03:51

20 k:

Alix Fox, 1st W 2:01:34

Lysle Mroske,1st M Masters, 2:08:12

Terri Carlson, 2nd WMasters in 2:18:35;

Jason Burns, 2nd M Open in 1:52:38;

Joanne Noll, 2nd WMasters, 2:24:02

Daryl Nylen,3rd M Open in 1:53:28;

Jim Carlson, 3rd M Masters, 2:14:14

Sheila Durey, 3rd W Masters in 2:24:03

Congrats to these Regina-area 50 k finishers

Gary Larson 6:33:12

Cameron Mang 6:51:59

Jordan Sperling 6:53:00

Jon Sloman 7:30:47

Jalisha Elder 7:36:06

Melissa Petersen 7:58:55

Jayden Pfeifer 7:59:07

Matt Leask 8:02:13

Tiff Hersak 8:15:31

Devon Clark 8:15:38

Jason Hubick 8:29:15

Justin Cheshire 8:32:23

Cam Thick 8:46:51

Brandon Cochrane 8:52:33

Logan Cochrane 8:52:33

Jon Paradowski 8:57:32

Andrew Hiltz 9:12:07

Dean Johnson 9:13:41

David Fox 9:50:38

Bruce Moore 9:55:43

Jude Scott 10:05:15

Alan Barry 10:25:08

Brendt Boston 10:52:29

JamieLee Magnusson 10:52:38

Dane Stephen 10:55:40

20 k Regina-area finishers

Brian Senkow 2:02:51

Karen Lawson 2:12:08

Daryl Massier 2:17:10

Dennis Dreher 2:19:01

Jonathon Renwick 2:20:53

Katelin Sperling 2:22:56

Doug Hynne 2:26:52

Melissa Burns 2:30:23

Mitchell Japp 2:32:57

Jennifer Masur 2:35:11

Jamie Mimbs 2:35:11

Mo Bundon 2:37:13

Mike Tate 2:40:56

Michelle Carr 2:44:11

Duane Mombourquette 2:44:56

Greg Chovin 2:46:15

Jack Stevenson 2:49:51

Curtis Hallborg 3:00:01

Shari Mombourquette 3:04:47

Chad Fenrick 3:05:36

Frankie Pelletier 3:11:08

Susan Auty 3:13:23

Rod Hillier 3:20:42

Deane Selinger 3:21:39

Nathan Anderson 3:21:39

Garrett Meek 3:22:46

Rebecca Knowles 3:37:01

Lisa Mroske 4:06:59

La-Loni Fox 4:08:53

Teresa Donley 4:12:08

Julian Lolacher 4:22:04

Jessica Irvine 4:25:18

Don Meek 5:18:23

Congrats all you mountain goats!

Queen City Marathon, Regina, Sept 8, 2019

Marathon Matters offers a heartfelt congratulations to Jan Steenkamp for completing his 100th marathon at the Queen City marathon on Sunday. Jan is a perennial nominee for our annual Inspiring Runner award! Jan reaches this milestone in a very impressive 6 years!

We’d also like to recognize our club athletes who set PRs - please comment below if you know is a runner who PR’d who was left off this list:


Ryan Clark 3:27:22, 5th M25

Zhe (Ronald) Luo 3:44:35, 5th M50

Thomas Gabel 3:59:10, 16th M25


Chris Dornstauder, 1:25:28, 3rd M25

Cam Thick, 1:34:56, 8th M40

Gaylene Jeannot, 1:40:39, 3rd W45

Patrice Turmel, 2:07:43

Congrats to all the runners, and a huge thank you to the organizing committee and volu

Ironman Wisonsin, Sept 8, 2019

While most of Regina’s endurance athletes were testing themselves at the Queen City marathon, two of our triathletes set themselves a challenge further afield. Jackie Hatherly earned her starting spot at the World Ironman Championships in Kona by winning her W50 age group in a fantastic time of 10:58:50. Gary Thiel, in his very first Ironman, finished the 3.8 km swim, 180 km bike and 42.2 km run in 11:30:10 for 16th M50 - a great time for a first outing. Congrats to these tremendous athletes!

Rut Run, Big Sky Montana, Sept 1, 2019

The Rut Run tested runners on their endurance, climbing ability, and nimbleness. Congrats to Jayden Pfeifer who finished the 50 km race in 11:15:23 for 100th in M30. In the 28 km race, Lysle Mroske broke two ribs and continued to finish in 2:40:16 for 4th in M50, and Amy Carlson finished in 3:32:01 for 100th in W30. Congrats to all you mountain goats!

Pikes Peak Ascent, CO, Aug 24, 2019

Congrats to Basil Pappas who finished the famed Pikes Peak ascent on Aug 24, climbing 8,000 feet in 21 km to summit one of Colorado’s 14,000 ft mountains. Basil finished in 5:59:13, good for 106th in M45.

Black Spur Ultra, Kimberley, BC, Aug 24, 2019

A number of Regina and Moose Jaw runners tackled the Black Spur ultra in Kimberley BC on Aug 24. The race has a lot of climbing and lots of single track trail.

Congrats to Peter Thiel who was 8th M in the 108 km in 16:28:00.

Here are the 54 km race results:

Brick Paul,8:02:59,30th M

Jay Rockey,8:20:45,34th M

Trudy Keil, 8:56:45,18th W

Kristy Oonincx,9:15:18,21st W

Ashley Marchi 9:44:32,26th W

Stacey Budd,9:59:45,28th W

David Fox,10:22:08,56th M

Greg Lendrum, 10:40:19, 61st M

Richard Mawson,10:52:53,65th M

Jim Forbes,11:09:31,67th M

Ryan Budd,11:21:37,69th M

Jennifer Evancio, 11:45:37, 39th W

Congrats to all - well done, you mountain goats!

Ironlegs Ultra, bragg creek, ab, aug 17, 2019

Great results from the Ironlegs Ultra from our flatland runners! Seven out of nine of the top three runners in each of the three race distances were from mountain towns. Not our guys! Derek Anaquod led the way in the 100 km event - he continues to embellish his reputation for strong ultras in the mountains, and beat many mountain-trained runners. It’s pretty amazing as our Regina runners train for the climbs on stairs and very short hills! The next photos also show that our guys also dealt with snow in August, and just how much climbing on single track trails there was in the 100 km event.

Congrats to Derek Anaquod, 2nd M in the 100 km in the time of 14:56:51. Mathieu Ludlow and Donn Lay ran the 50 miler, finishing very well in 14:12:55 for 13th M and 16:03:35 for 18th M respectively. A hearty well done to all three mountain men!

Yorkton Charity Half-Marathon, Aug 18, 2019

Congrats to our Regina participants at the half-marathon in Yorkton. Pres Robert McLeod and MM member Lorraine Brezinski won the men's and women's races respectively (even though Lorraine went off course and ran longer than 21.1 km). Here are the Regina results:

  • Rob McLeod, 1st M, 1:30:18

  • Robert Humphries, 2nd M, 1:38:21

  • Lorraine Brezinski, 1st W, 1:39:33

  • Valdeen Litzenberger, 2nd W, 2:01:30

Congrats all!

Squamish Trail Race, BC, Aug 18, 2019

Congrats to the super-tough Regina trail runners who finished the Squamish trail race in BC. These races are put on by Gary Robbins who thrives on the gnarly and sadistic. The 50 miler has 90% single track and climbs and descends 11,000 ft. Alvin Yau was our only Reginan to attempt this beast. He finished in 16:31:39 for 113th in M30. Jamielee Magnusson ran the 50 k in 9:44:01, good for 22nd in W40. The three Reginans who did the 23 km event were Brendt Boston in3:45:40(21st M40); Rebecca Knowles in 4:09:52(16th W50), and Leif Mehlsen in 5:42:05(30th M30). Congratulations, you brave, tough athletes!

Bath 50 km, England, Aug 18, 2019

Congrats to Katherine Robinson and Christian Riegel for another ultra in a new country!

Tunnel Vision Marathon, North Bend WA, Aug 18, 2019

Jordan Sperling qualified for Boston at the Tunnel Vision marathon in North Bend WA on Aug 18. Jordan’s time was 2:52:48 (wow!) that placed him 3rd in the M25 and 10th M overall. Justin Cheshire set a solid PR with 3:06:24 for 12th in M35!

Kensington Harvest Festival 25 km, PEI, Aug 18, 2019

Paula Bzdell placed 8th Woman in the 25 km Kensington Harvest Festival Run in Prince Edward Island. Runners cover a very hilly course between the towns of Stanchel and Kensington. Paula’s time was 2:24:00.

Cypress Hills High Altitude Trail Challenge, Aug 17, 2019

Many Regina area trail runners took part in the Cypress Hills High Altitude Trail Challenge 21 km. The results didn’t say the runners’ cities, so please post in the comments if I missed someone:

Warren Dudar, 1:36:02,2nd M

Lysle Mroske, 1:45:22,4th M

Rick Minett, 1:50:27,7th M

Jason Hubick, 1:53:12, 12th M

Jim Carlson, 1:54:50,14th M

Dennis Dreher, 1:57:35,18th M

Jeff Dudar, 2:00:18,20th M

Amy Carlson, 2:00:51,5th W

Terri Carlson, 2:02:26,6th W

Lesley Kitsch, 2;12:25,10th W

Dale Harvey, 2:30:28,32nd M

Lisa Mroske, 3:01:57,31st W

Edmonton marathon, Aug 18, 2019

Blair Frederickson,4:13:32,21st M60

Bevera Allan,5:39:08,51st W40


Gary Larson,1:27:54,12th M40

Darren Engel,1:30:19,20th M30

Crystal Kowalski,1:52:48,23rd W40

Jeff Young,1:54:50,90th M40

Chad Debert,2:00:00,105th M40

Noah Browne,2:01:43,5th M19

Tyneesha Eaglechild,2:10:20,8th W19

Alison Purdue,2:12:05,9th W60

Crystal Norbeck,2:15:13,102nd W40

Honni Lizee,2:18:14,227th W30

Clara Edvi,2:28:27,266th W30

Melvin Burton,2:57:52,772nd M40

Shannon Obey,3:15:50,859th W20

Roselin Stonechild,3:35:17,13th W19

Samantha Burton-Koch,3:35:20,14th W19

Ben Hernandez,3:58:19,8th M70

Terell Lagontaine-Crotea,4:14:39,13th M19

Half-marathon walk

Teresa Donley,3:06:36,2nd W60

Congrats to all our fast and tough runners!

UpPsala Trail Marathon, Aug 17, 2019

Jan Steenkamp and Tania Diener continue the 100 marathon countdown! Jan finished his 99th on Aug 17 in Uppsala Sweden, and Tania finished #93! This one was a trail race, adding to the difficulty! Tania finished in 5:21:20 and Jan in 5:25:22 for their 11th country! Congratulations you two!

FAT Dog Ultra, Hope, BC, Aug 9-10, 2019

Jon Paradowski has done it again! Jon completed what Outside magazine said was one of the nine toughest ultras in the world. On August 9-10, Jon took on the Fat Dog 120 bear Hope BC - that’s MILES, not km! The elevation gain of this rugged trail race is 8682 m. For comparison’s sake, Everest is 8848 m high and of course climbers don’t start at 0. Pretty good for a flat lander! Jon was one of the 67% who finished this incredible race - he was the 71st Man in 47:35. Here he is on top of Mt Frosty with his pacer, Alex. Congrats Jon - we’re so proud of you.

Canadian Death Race, Grande Cache AB, Aug 4, 2019

Congrats to the Regina area Death Racer class of 2019! It’s tough for flatlanders to train for mountain trails and hours of climbing, but these athletes did it at the Canadian Death Race in Grande Cache Alberta. Julia Totosy de Zepetnek placed third!! in the highly competitive women’s division of the Near Death marathon - 42.2 km with 2132 m of elevation gain and loss. The Saskatchewan Roughrunners team placed 4th in the Women’s relay of the 125 km race. April Lloyd, Abbey Schmidt, Chantel DeLorme, Ashley King and Lisa Berezowsky rocked their first ever mountain trail race. And Zac Clarke followed up his first ultra at the Canada Goose with an attempt at the 125 km solo - he made it through ankle deep mud for over 8 hours. Congrats to all!

Maah Daah Hey Trail Race, Medora ND, July 27, 2019

Congrats to our two Regina runners who finished the Maah Daah Hey trail race July 27 in North Dakota’s badlands by Medora. Adding to the elevation and footing difficulty was the heat - as high as 33 degrees! Adriana Moryski placed 5th in the Women’s division of the 54 mile race in 17:22:45. Dale Harvey completed the half-marathon in 2:50:39 for 39th Man. Congrats!

Canada Ironman and Half-Ironman, Whistler BC, July 28, 2019

Congrats to all the Regina athletes who did us proud at the Whistler Ironman and half Ironman on a July 28. Particular congrats to Duane Mombourquette who finished his first Ironman! The fastest men/women from the Regina area were Jim Greenwood and Jaimie Mimbs for the full 3.8 km swim, 180 km bike and 42.2 km run. Shari Mombourquette earned the top age group placing with 4th in the W60 division. Congratulations to:

Jim Greenwood, 10:29:46,6th M45

Conway Nelson,11:04:13,17th M40

Laverne Masur,11:16:35,18th M45

Marek Nehasil,11:49:16,36th M30

Gabriel Blank,12:09:19,12th M18-24

Jaimie Mimbs,12:30:15,10th W40

Murray Gurski, 12:44:28,17th M55

Brianna Hodges,12:46:27,18th W35

Bernhard Prahauser,12:46:32,60th M45

Doug Mackenzie,12:52:51,6th M60

John Ash,13:09:06,58th M50

Mike Beal,13:31:47,76th M45

Jennifer Masur,13:45:40,17th W45

Chris Humphries,13:58:59,79th M50

Krystle Ruzicka,13:59:14,25th W30

Philippe Lacroix,14:30:48,17th M60

Shari Mombourquette,15:18:30,4th W60

Duane Mombourquette,15:46:23,62nd M55

And congrats to the Half-Ironman finishers:

Marley Brcic,6:01:12,23rd W30

Tara Fuchs,6:18:26,33rd W30

Chris Nisbett,6:26:03,77th M40

Yvonne Harrison,6:26:56,10th W55

Kathy Dreher,6:27:38,11th W55

Conrad Nixon,6:38:25,91st M30

Elisabeth Semple,6:56:14,63rd W30

Dale Ruder,7:06:37,118th M45

Warren McCall,7:23:36,128th M45

Shari Mosthaf,9:07:28

Mainly Marathons Prairie Series - Breckinridge MN, July 21, 2019

The 100th marathon countdown continues for our favourite marathoning couple, Jan Steenkamp and Tania Diener. Jan ran his 98th marathon, and Tania ran her 92nd at the Mainly Marathons Prairie series at Breckinridge Minnesota. The race was 14 out and backs, mostly on pavement and some gravelly trail. The runners started at 4:30 am to beat the heat. The duo finished together in 5:21:08! Congrats, and ON, ON, ON to 100!

Bigfoot 50 Ultra, July 14, 2019

Congrats to the runners who finished the BigFoot trail race at White Butte in super hot and humid conditions. The winners of the 50 km race were Elias Williams from Regina in 4:47:51 and Lesley Kitsch of Lumsden in 6:17:52. The 25 km was won by Benjamin Thistlewood of Swift Current in an impressive 1:41:13 (4:03 min per km!!) and Melissa Petersen of Regina in 2:16:00. The full results are here: https://zone4.ca/race/2019-07-14/12b03a66/results/

Trevor Norgan ran his first ultra today in very challenging conditions, finishing in 6:12:59! Any other runners do their longest runs ever?

Thank you to Race Director Jason Hubick, and his fantastic team of volunteers!

Powderface Marathon and Half-Marathon, Bragg Creek AB, June 29, 2019

Congrats to the Regina And Moose Jaw trail runners who braved the Powderface marathon (44km) and half-marathon at Bragg Creek. They climbed 1671 m and slid through cow-poop infested mud holes to earn their pie waiting at the finish. Special congrats to age group winners Rick Minett in the 44 km and Don Laing in the half.

Here are the Regina and Moose Jaw results:

44 km

Jason Hubick, 6:15:52, 4th M50

Rick Minett, 6:24:17, 1st M60

Dennis Dreher, 7:00:57, 6th M50

Alan Barry, 7:08:20, 2nd M60

Trevor Hopkin, 7:10:19, 5th M40

Calvin Lai, 7:23:07, 8th M30

David Fox, 7:45:02, 3rd M60

Richard Mawson, 7:45:14, 4th M60

22 km

Alix Fox, 2:40:08, 2nd W30

Daryl Massier, 2:40:09, 3rd M30

Kate Dreher, 2:59:38, 3rd W50

Loanne Myrah, 3:22:51, 2nd W60

Don Laing, 3:24:17, 1st M60

Jennifer Mirasty, 3:36:32, 11th W30

Doug Sellinger, 3:41:36, 5th M50

Bruce Moore, 3:57:54, 2nd M60

Frankie Pelletier, 3:57:54, 6th W60

Teri Mawson, 4:01:47, 15th W30

Rebecca Knowles, 4:04:51, 7th W50

Other notes - Trevor Hopkin was actually a lot faster than you would guess from his time and position - he took a wrong turn and ran 50 km instead of 44!

Wendy Tomyk sprained her ankle in a fall at 19 km and gutted through the hike out to an aid station with Gay Renouf’s help. Both were DNF, but were happy about future free races and not having to miss the cow poop mud puddles.

Coeur d'Alene ID Ironman 70.3, June 30, 2019

Wow! Regina athlete Jackie Hatherly won her W50 age division at the Coeur d’Alene Idaho Ironman 70.3 race on June 30. The race is 1.8 km swim, 90 km bike followed by a 21.1 km run. Jackie finished in 5:02:11. Fellow Reginan Chris Gdanski finished in 5:57:03 for 65th in the M50 division. Congrats!

Rundle's Revenge, Canmore, June 22-23, 2019

Congrats to our Regina runners who did the Rundle’s Revenge in Canmore on June 22-23. Jamie Magnusson won the Women’s 40+ Half Iron Donkey event (50 km mountain bike on Saturday followed by a 25 km trail run on Sunday)! Here are the Regina results:

50 km run: Mathieu Ludlow 6:22:17,12th Open Men

25 km run: Donn Lay 3:12:50 8th M50+ Run; 7th M40+ Half Iron Donkey

Brendt Boston 3:32:12,13th M40+

Jamie Magnusson 3:32:13,11th W40+ Run; 1st W40+ Half Iron Donkey

Nolan Crossman 3:36:54,29th Open Men

Adriana Moryski 3:46:25,13th W40+

Congrats to all!

Outrun Rare Backyard Ultra, Millarville AB, June 21, 2019

Derek Anaquod sure got noticed at the Outrun Rare Backyard ultra in June 21-22. This was the first of this kind of race in Canada: every hour on the hour, runners start a 6.7 km loop. If you don’t finish in an hour - you’re out. If you finish in 42 min, you’ve got 18 min to eat, go to the bathroom, change your socks, deal with chafing, and even sleep. The race goes until only one competitor is left.

This year, the skies drenched the runners and they had to push through many kms of ankle deep mud. Jon Paradowski managed 60 km before being timed out at 67 km. Gay Renouf ran 27 km and got timed out on 34 km. But Derek Anaquod has one of the best races of his life. He outlasted many big-name ultra runners to nab third place with 168 km.

Manitoba Marathon, June 16, 2019

The Manitoba marathon went very well for our Regina and Moose Jaw area athletes. Jan Steenkamp and Tania Diener are on the homestretch to their 100th marathons (97th and 91st). And in the half marathon, Katlyn Criddle, Bevin Thompson, and Gary Larson made the podiums for their age groups! And MM member Ashley King’s fast time qualified her for the New York City marathon! Here are the Regina and Moose Jaw areas results:


Jan Steenkamp, 4:42:32 26th M55

Tania Diener, 4:50:12 4th W55

Darwin Weimer, 5:16:04 16th M60


Katlyn Criddle 1:18:31 2nd W25

Bevin Thompson 1:19:38 3rd W35

Jeff Dilay 1:27:35 7th M35

Elizabeth Tomczak 1:28:18 5th W30

Gary Larson 1:29:32 3rd M40

John Svec 1:30:44 5th M50

Ashley King 1:31:44 7th W25

Melissa Petersen 1:32:12 8th W30

Karen Lawson 1:32:47 9th W25

Danielle Nolin 1:41:05 12th W30

Darryl Meier 1:42:46 14th M50

Gord Bell 1:43:53 4th M60

Brian Mikuliak 1:45:58 9th M55

Crystal Kowalski 1:50:43 7th W45

Brent Meier 1:52:53 54th M20

Monica Rainbow 1:54:41 12th W45

J Paul Flegel 1:55:17 24th M55

Peggy Junek 1:55:51 14th W45

Valdeen Litzenberger 1:56:05 22nd W35

Veronica Lumley 1:59:34 34th W20

Angela Friesen 2:04:23 47th W40

Johanna Flegel 2:05:35 75th W25

Aaron Barlow 2:08:12 94th M40

Christine Barlow 2:08:12 59th W40

Sherry Meier 2:15:57 45th W45

Teagan Routledge 2:16:00 109th W25

Jeffrey Burwell 2:25:08 116th M40

Terry Weimer 3:00:42 27th W60

Oliver Ironman 70.3 , June 2, 2019

The Ironman 70.3 event includes a 1.8 km swim, 90 km bike and 21.1 km run. Many Regina athletes had tremendous performances with age group placings by Jim Greenwood and Brianna Hodges. Here are the Regina area results:

Jim Greenwood, 4:55:40, 3rd M45

Gary Thiel, 5:16:53, 5th M50

Laverne Masur, 5:23:19, 8th M45

Murray Gurski, 5:48:37, 6th M55

John Ash, 5:51:18, 16th M50

Michael Hoffort, 5:51:21, 17th M50

Doug MacKenzie, 5:54:21, 4th M60

Jennifer Masur, 6:10:23, 7th F45

Brianna Hodges, 6:10:32, 2nd F35

Jaimie Mimbs, 6:15:40, 4th F40

Duane Mombourquette, 6:47:59, 10th M55

Tony Lau, 7:11:56, 31st M50

Warren McCall 7:31:37, 26th M45


Victoria Half-Ironman, June 2, 2019

Congrats to our Regina area athletes for their performances! Did you see that Rob Nelson got a podium age-group finish!

Rob Nelson 5:31:47, 3rd M60

Max Cameron, 6:40:18, 130th M35

Dhon Gumban, 6:51:47, 140th M35

Cory Kulczycki, 7:17:10, 134th M40

Tarra Dubreuil, 7:55:00, 100th F35

Saskatchewan Marathon, May 26, 2019

Regina athletes invaded Saskatoon and fairly took over! It was a perfect day for running and there were many great performances. Special salute to Ryan Clark for his PR in the marathon and Marc Turmel for his win in the half-marathon. Age group placers in the marathon were Jordan Wilyman (1st W20, 2nd W); Gay Renouf (1st W50); Thea Jacobs (1st W60). In the half-marathon, Loanne Myrah won W60; Lorraine Brezinski was 2nd in W30; Karen Lawson was 3rd in W20.

Here are the results for Regina-area athletes:


Conrad Nixon, 3:24:06, 6th M30

Jordan Wilyman, 3:28:41, 1st W20

Ryan Clark, 3:41:13, 8th M20

Gay Renouf, 3:55:06, 1st W50

Thea Jacobs, 4:04:34, 1st W60

Nicole Mooney, 4:10:28, 6th W30

Gerald Estioco, 4:12:40, 19th M40

Mitchell Johnstone, 4:18:43, 25th M30

James Bradshaw, 4:23:30, 12th M20

Douglas Sellinger, 4:37:11, 11th M50

Tania Diener, 4:44:04, 7th W50

Jan Steenkamp, 4:52:23, 14th M50

Darwin Weimer, 5:24:51, 5th M60


Marc Turmel, 1:15:44, 1st M

Brian Wicks, 1:24:11, 4th M30

David Weisgerber, 1:24:38, 5th M30

Chad Salisbury, 1:24:48, 6th M30

Braden Konschuh, 1:29:21, 11th M30

Trevor Schneider, 1:33:04, 5th M40

Jeremy Black, 1:33:08, 17th M30

Karen Lawson, 1:33:12, 3rd W20

Tyler van Luven, 1:34:07, 18th M30

Lorraine Brezinski, 1:34:46, 2nd W30

Ryan Seal, 1:35:34, 22nd M30

Jason Moser, 1:36:15, 23rd M30

Rene Descottes, 1:36:53, 7th M40

Gordie Kaban, 1:37:58, 9th M40

Megan Deck, 1:39:11, 5th W20

Renee Roschuk, 1:40:12, 6th W20

Thomas Gabel, 1:43:31, 21st M20

Ingrid Kirby, 1:43:31, 6th W40

Shaun Herron, 1:44:06, 9th M50

Sage Fox, 1:45:14, 10th W30

Brooke Kemp, 1:46:12, 13th W20

Paula Bzdell, 1:46:32, 9th W40

Bob Watkins, 1:49:05, 16th M50

Tyler Thurmeier, 1:49:11, 26th M40

Aidan Wotherspoon , 1:49:59, 53rd M30

Evan Mah, 1:50:49, 28th M20

Mathew Bonin, 1:51:00, 58th M30

Dayna Galger, 1:51:19, 21st W20

Greg Chovin, 1:51:45, 20th M50

Andrew Dusevic, 1:55:05, 37th M20

Peggy Junek, 1:55:14, 13th W40

Maureen Powell, 1:55:24, 6th W50

Brian Powell, 1:55:33, 23rd M50

Dennis Mager, 1:56:33, 4th M60

Tracy Moser, 1:56:53, 25th W30

Loanne Myrah, 2:00:30, 1st W60

Calvin Lai, 2:04:01, 84th M30

Kirsten Sweet, 2:04:29, 43rd W20

Courtney Ulrich, 2:05:10, 50th W30

Dale Harvey, 2:06:22, 7th M60

Laura Munro, 2:06:36, 53rd W30

Dale Ruder, 2:07:31, 48th M40

Annabelle Mang, 2:07:55, 28th W40

Jason Short, 2:07:57, 50th M40

Miranda Brown, 2:10:52, 62nd W30

James Kirby, 2:11:55,61st M40

Michelle Watkins, 2:11:57, 15th W50

Tracey Laschuk, 2:17:19, 18th W50

Katrina Perrault, 2:26:07, 8th W30

Denise Nelson, 2:28:43, 7th W60

Brenda Stricker, 2:28:43, 22nd W50

Cheryl Cochrane, 2:29:37, 23rd W50

Tom Cochrane, 2:43:28, 44th M50

Terry Weimer, 3:00:00, 10th W60

Calgary Marathon, May 26, 2019

Regina and Moose Jaw athletes at the Calgary marathon had some great performances! David Fox was third in the M60+ division of the 50 km ultra in 5:34:19, and Ashley King ran a BQ 3:28:39 for 5th in W25. In the half-marathon, Caitlyn Howe ran 1:34:26 for 4th in W25. Well done, all!

Blackfoot 50 km, Edmonton area, May 25, 2019

Congrats to Donn Lay and Adriana Moryski for their performances at the Blackfoot 50 km ultra near Edmonton. The trail race is billed as "death by 100 hills on the prairies". Donn finished in 6:20:18 for 39th M and Adriana finished in 9:47:05 for 52nd W. Well done!

Multisport World Championships, Pontevedra, Spain, April 28, May 4, 2019

Marathon Matters member Thea Jacobs is now a world age group placer in multisports! Brent and Thea traveled to Pontevedra Spain for the ITU World Championships in Duathlon and Aquabike. In the duathlon on April 28, Thea finished the 10 km run, 40 km bike and 5 km run in2:53:49 for an impressive 10th place in W60. Then one week later on May 4, both Brent and Thea did the Aquabike - a 1500 m swim and 113 km bike that was made more difficult with cold water with a current, and a very hilly ride. Brent finished in 4:54:21 for 28th in M55, and Thea won the bronze medal in 5:08:31. Thea was so excited she was dancing on the podium, but sadly your reporter is not tech-savvy enough to post that video😬.

Three Days at the Fair 48 Hour Race, New Jersey, May 18-19, 2019

Here’s a night photo of Christian Riegel and Katherine Robinson at the Three Days at the Fair race in New Jersey. When you do a 48 hour race (!!) you get to see a lot of night. Katherine ran an incredible 110 miles for 7th W and Christian was right behind her with 107 miles for 10th M. Wow is all we can say!

Great Ocean Road 44 km, May 19, 2019, AUS

Congrats to Conor Renouf who was lucky enough to run Australia’s version of the Big Sur marathon on Sunday. This beautiful hilly race is 44 km long - Conor finished in 2:58:57 for 11th M.

Fargo Marathon and Half-Marathon, May 18, 2019

Of our many Regina-area athletes who ran the Fargo marathon and half-marathon today, we want to salute in particular Michel Turmel and Cam Thick who ran PRs in a rainy, cold day! The top age group performer was Terri Carlson with fifth place in W55 in the half-marathon.

Here are the results:


Charles-Henri Warren, 3:31:19, 19th M40

Cam Thick, 3:32:57, 23rd M40

Jim Carlson, 3:45:57, 11th M55

Michel Turmel, 4:07:48, 11th M60

Fidji Gendron, 4:41:34, 32nd F45

Tania Diener, 4:42:52, 10th F55

Jan Steenkamp, 4:44:49, 44th M55


Basil Pappas, 1:46:13, 16th M45

Thomas Gabel, 1:48:11, 55th M25

Brian Mikuliak, 1:51:09, 21st M55

Valdeen Litzenberger, 1:56:43, 61st F35

Terri Carlson, 1:56:51, 5th F55

Krista Wisniewski, 1:57:53, 25th F45

Christine Barlow, 2:10:52, 82nd F40

Aaron Barlow, 2:10:52, 91st M40

Raegan Gardner, 2:14:07, 171st F35

Kelly-Ann McLeod, 2:14:07, 172nd F35

Patrice Turmel, 2:14:30, 25th F55

April Lloyd, 2:16:27, 77th F45

Brianna Kelly, 2:23:46, 200th F25

Clara Edvi, 2:40:26, 293rd F35

Curtis Kunitz, 2:42:41, 168th M30

Susan Schneider, 2:46:04, 72nd F55

Constance Kozak, 2:46:04, 111th F50

Congrats all - we are so proud of you!

Vancouver marathon and half-marathon, may 5/19

In Vancouver, four of our athletes nabbed top ten age group placings! Danielle Thiel (now of Edmonton) was 2nd in W25 half; her dad Gary was 3rd in M50 half, Sandy MacDonald was 4th in W70 half; and Loanne Myrah was 6th in W60 marathon. Regina-area results were:


Sara Forster, 3:36:06, 26th W30

Derrick Fisher, 4:00:27, 128th M40

Michael Szeles, 4:04:42, 187th M25

Loanne Myrah, 4:16:02, 6th W60

Lauren McLellan, 4:24:28, 137th W30

Katelyn Zimmer, 4:53:10, 136th W35

Tania Diener, 4:45:24, 44th W55

Jan Steenkamp, 4:57:44, 133rd M55


Danielle Thiel, 1:15:19, 2nd W25

Gary Thiel, 1:30:06, 3rd M50

Angela Stolz, 1:43:06, 40th W35

Michael Torrie, 1:46:39, 93rd M40

Duane Mombourquette, 1:57:54, 79th M55

Shelley Thiel, 2:15:06, 86th W55

Sandy MacDonald, 2:23:50, 4th W70

Karen Baily, 2:43:35, 189th W55

Wendy Cowan, 2:55:03, 214th W55

Shari Mombourquette, 2:55:04, 215th W55

mississauga marathon, on, may 5, 2019

Mike Cook qualified for the Boston marathon with a 3:19:26 for 12th in M40-49. Shelley Cook ran a steady 4:04:53 for 26th in W40 but missed on her BQ time. Never fear folks, Team Tequila vows that they will both go to Boston or neither will. Marathon Matters is betting that Shelley will make it and Team T goes to Boston!

Demi marathon de levis, qc, may 5, 2019

Lana Thompson-van Eaton had the top age group result with 4th in W55 in 1:47:43! Jeffrey Crawford ran 1:22:46 for 8th in M30; and Jesse van Eaton and Jordan Kraft ran together in 2:15:27 for 58th in W20 and 63rd in M20 respectively.

Nashville half marathon, April 27, 2019

Congrats to Tim Schneider who finished the Nashville half marathon on April 27 in 1:53:02. Tim’s 38th placing put him in the top ten percent of the M55 division. Way to go, Tim!

Abbot world majors six star status

Congrats to former Marathon Matters member and Regina athlete Nadia Williamson. Nadia earned her six star medal for completing all six of the world major marathons (Boston, New York, London, Berlin, Chicago and Tokyo). Nadia finished the London marathon in 4:28:23.

Revel Mt charleston marathon, nv, april 27, 2019

Congrats to Darryl and Sherry Meier who finished the Revel Mt Charleston marathon on April 27. Darryl ran 4:35:45 for 103rd M50, and Sherry ran 4:56:35 for 100th in W45. Good job!

Queen's marathon, New York city, April 22, 2019

Congrats to our favourite marathoning couple, Tania Diener and Jan Steenkamp, who just finished the Queen’s marathon in New York City. It was a six loop course through Flushing Meadows, Corona and Queens, doing lots of people watching of what New Yorkers do in a park on Easter morning (answer: cricket, bbqs, and Easter egg hunts). Tania placed second in W50 in 4:52:27, and Jan was 24th in M50 in 4:48:59. Fabulous job!

Our ten Regina-area runners really rocked the Boston marathon on April 15! The fastest man and woman were Stephen Loden from Weyburn who finished in 2:55:58 (1340th in Open Men) and Julia Totosy de Zepetnek who ran 3:26:58 (1408th in Open Women).

Dave Reid earned the best age group placing of 130th in M50 in 3:06:20.

We congratulate

Bob Nicholson, 3:31:21, 1265th M45

Amy Kramer, 3:42:09, 708th W40

Laura Sullivan, 3:49:12, 3130th WOpen

Gaylene Jeannot, 3:53:02, 688th W45

Nancy Mackenzie, 3:53:20, 144th W55

Lynn Crook, 3:55:27, 168th W55

Our President Rob McLeod was the guide runner for Jeffery Robinson who competed in the visually impaired category - they finished in 4:07:23.

Congratulations runners! Regina is proud of you!

"How do you know if someone ran a marathon? Don’t worry, they’ll tell you!"

~ Jimmy Fallon

Deception Pass Half Marathon, Oak Harbour, Washington, April 14, 2019

Congrats to Jim and Terri Carlson for their performances at the Deception Pass half marathon in Oak Harbour, Washington. Jim finished in 2:40:19 and Terri finished in 2:58:39. They both placed second in their age groups of M50 and W50 - wow!

Zion Trail Ultra, April 12-13, 2019

Our Regina/Lumsden runners have once again excelled in the mountains. Heidi Schmalz, Jon Paradowski and Marsha Crossman traveled to Zion National park in Utah for one of the most gorgeous trail races. Jon did the 100 mile race with four major climbs. Apparently 100 miles was not enough for Jon and he actually did the last leg twice! Despite that he still finished as the 16th M40 in 29:45:42!

Marsha ran the 25 km in an excellent 3:43:46 for 63rd in W35. Heidi finished the 50 k in 7:11:40 for 11th in the W35 division. Astoundingly, Heidi did the race with “baby on board”!


Our own Daryl Arendt just ran Canada’s oldest race. Today was the 125th Anniversary of the Around the Bay 30 k in Hamilton. Daryl finished in 3:21:18, good for 246th in the M50 division. He reported that his splits were solid and even, and the race organization was top drawer. Who’s in for next year?


Our Australian chapter of Marathon Matters had quite the adventure on March 23. Their event was Duncan’s run - a trail run set in the Tarra Bulga national park. The trail has huge and steep climbs and descents - the half marathon had elevation gain and loss of over 1300 m and the 100 km well over 5,000. Our prairie flatlanders not only had to survive the rugged climbs and descents, but also humid hot weather and dangers that required them to carry snake bandages! Congrats to Conor Renouf who finished as 15th M in the 100 km division in 14:31:43 and Aubrey Swift, 67th W in the half marathon in 5:24:46.

Aubrey’s recovery will be her toughest, as two days later, she suffered a broken foot when a car ran into her on her bike. Here’s to a speedy recovery to Aubrey and wishes to be back on the trails from the Regina chapter.


Congrats to the Regina and honorary Regina runners who finished the Tokyo marathon on March 3. Tokyo is one of the six world majors (along with Boston, London, New York, Berlin and Chicago). If you do ALL of them, you earn this snazzy six star medal that Debbie Bellamy is showing off! It took many years of dedication and training to earn that bad boy! The photo on the right shows Jen Evancio (4:30:38); Jan Steenkamp (4:47:21); Tania Diener (5:16:12); Debbie (4:48:03); and Gay Renouf (3:54:38). Congrats all!


Congrats to Katherine Robinson and Christian Riegel on their 100 mile finishes at the Jackalope Jam in Texas. They finished high -5th Woman for Katherine and 10th Man for Christian in the 48 hour event! Congrats!!

Winterman Marathon, Ottawa, Feb 17, 2019

Congrats to Jan Steenkamp and Tania Diener on their 90th and 84th marathons respectively. Everyone else escaped Regina's frigid February by traveling to warm weather destinations - not these two. They celebrated winter with a winter marathon! Jan finished in 4:56:18 for 4th in M55 and Tania finished in 5:15:40 to win her age group in F55. Congrats!

Fort Lauderdale Marathon, Feb 17, 2019

Congrats to Doug Sellinger on his first marathon in Florida. Doug survived the sun and 28 degree temperatures to finish the Fort Lauderdale marathon in 5:06:55!

What a medal!

Canadian Ultrarunner Series 2018

Association of Canadian Ultrarunners just announced their winners of the National Championships series. Our own Derek Anaquod was the men's winner. Congrats, Derek!

Hawaii HURT 100 MILes, Jan 19-20, 2019

Marathon Matter’s Most Inspiring Runner of 2018 just got more inspiring! Derek Anaquod finished the famously difficult HURT 100 mile race in Hawaii in 35:57:32, in 69th place. The HURT has an astounding 49,000 feet of elevation gain and loss and of course is held in high temperatures and humidity. Runners World named it as one of the 14 hardest foot races in the world, mostly owing to the rock- and root-strewn pathway.

Last year, the HURT race was Derek’s first and only DNF. He had, as they say, “unfinished business” with it. At the race, you’re given a wristband for identification to race organizers - Derek kept that wristband on for a full year to remind and motivate himself. He didn’t just hope to do better - he changed his training, doing more climbing and footwork. He even handled a last minute challenge when he had ingrown toenails dealt with two weeks before the race! His drive paid off with a finish with only two minutes to spare! Congratulations Derek, and thank you for showing us how a setback can bring out the best in us.

Sawblade.com Marathon, Kingwood TX, January 1, 2019

Our most marathon-hungry members have already notched a marathon for 2019. Jan Steenkamp and Tania Diener ran the Sawblade. Texas marathon in Kingwood on New Year’s day. Jan ran 4:56 for 86th and Tania ran 5:19 for 108th. Congrats!!