2023 Club Results

Landerlauf Half-Marathon, Basel, Switzerland, May 21, 2023

World travellers/runners, Tania Diener and Jan Steenkamp, have done more world travelling …all in one race. At the Landerlauf half-marathon, they ran from Switzerland to France to Germany and back to Switzerland! The race was on roads and trails, in a ark in Germany and along the Rhine. The duo finished in 2:31:09, giving Tania 9th place in W60 and Jan 50th place in M60. Congratulations!

Fargo Marathon, North Dakota, May 20, 2023

Race day in Fargo was kind to our Regina athletes. We love to celebrate PRs and Michael Dahlman earned a ten minute PR!

Here are the Regina results (note age groups are ten year brackets):


Logan Strong, 3:21:59, 4th W30

Ryan Clark, 3:22:44, 29th M30

Michael Dahlman, 3:47:05, 39th M40

Allison Samoleski, 4:09:59, 42nd W40

Chantel De Lorme, 4:26:13, 58th W40


Kerry Strong, 1:58:42, 15th W50

Darryl De Lorme, 2:13:07, 83rd M50

Victoria Oppenlander, 2:42:02, 330th W30

Congrats runners!

Tacoma Marathon, Washington, April 29, 2023

Some spectacular news in the Regina running scene: Darwin Weimer just finished his 300th marathon. That’s right - 300th! Darwin ran the Tacoma city marathon in 5:47:50 and earned 6th place in the M65 division.

In the same event, Terry Weimer ran the half-marathon in 3:09:35, good for 8th in W65. And this was Terry’s 99th half-marathon!

Great job Weimers- we are so proud of and impressed by you!

Copenhagen Marathon, May 14, 2023

Congrats to Regina’s favourite marathoning couple for notching a marathon in a new country. Jan H. Steenkamp and Tania Diener finished the Copenhagen marathon in 4:56:54 and 5:27:57 respectively. The conditions were hot with no breeze, and Jan reported that runners “collapsed, vomited and just looked like shit”. Our duo survived well. Congratulations!

Spartan Trifecta, Bigfork MT, May 6, 7, 2023

Regina athletes had outstanding performances at the Spartan Trifecta weekend at Bigfork Montana on May 6-7. The weather was unkind with 50 mm of rain and cold temperatures making the distance, elevation gain and footing even more challenging. And if that’s not enough, participants in the 50 km ultra also face 60 obstacles like walls, ropes and mud pits. Our athletes in the 21 km Beast encountered 30 obstacles.

Jason Burns reported, “Most of the hanging / skill obstacles were virtually impossible to do because of the mud, rain and cold temperatures. In a lot of places the trail was a river of mud and looked and felt like running through shin deep chocolate pudding.  Most people I talked to were failing obstacles that they had never failed in the past. Each failed obstacle meant a 200-300 meter penalty loop so in total (my) ultra was 56.1 km with 2500 meters of gain.”

Jason had the fastest Regina time of 8:44:54 and placed 4th in the M45 age group. Jason's wife, Melissa Burns, won her W40 age group in the ultra event with a time of 10:24:55. Preston Schaffer also excelled in 8:50:38 for 4th in M35. With 500-1000 athletes in all distances, these placings are remarkable.

In the 21 km Beast distance, Joanne Noll was 1st in W65 and Sheila Durey was 2nd in W55, both in a time of 4:55:48.. Erin Nutilla finished in 6:11:24.

Congrats all for your impressive finishes! 

Vancouver Marathon, May 7, 2023

Regina runners earned some splendid results at the Vancouver marathon and half-marathon on May 7. Rob McLeod led the way with an age group win! Here are the Regina results:


Rob McLeod, 3:15:21, 1st M60

James Gates, 3:19:09, 24th M45

Brigitta Sinaga, 3:50:24, 58th W25

Rebecca Sweeney, 3:58:37, 31st W20

Raquel Marshall, 3:53:13, 117th W25

Jamie Perkins, 4:06:37, 76th W35

Brad Jamison, 4:14:00, 281st M35

Blair Frederickson, 4:50:34, 27th M65


Brynn Latimer, 1:41:44, 61st W25

Noah Picton, 1:57:15, 437th M25

Sophie Young, 2:00:52, 118th W20

Candace Lizee, 2:03:01, 201st W40

Angela Arnold, 2:03:36, 89th W50

Jennifer Evancio, 2:08:54, 117th W50

Wynonna Mroczko, 2:11:39, 208th W20

Jessica Fox, 2:18:18, 615th W25

Dhon Gumban, 2:22:35, 352nd M40

Congratulations, runners, we are super proud of you!

Toronto Marathon, May 7, 2023

Good times at the Toronto marathon on May 7! Terra Jacobsen was fifth in the W50 division in 3:46:02. Yang Xie ran 3:42:37 for 100th in M25.

In the half-marathon, Danielle Evans ran 2:13:48 for 80th in W45. Congratulations, runners!

London Marathon, April 23, 2023

We had three Regina runners who finished the London marathon, one of the six world major marathons. 

Teresa Saccucci previously ran four of those majors and was thrilled to finish London as her fifth "star". She raved about the huge crowd support in the rain and the surreal energy on Tower bridge. Teresa ran 3:55:43, good for 641st in the W45 category.

Robert Davis ran a speedy time of 3:22:28 and placed 2865th in M18-39. Andrea Granger ran her FIRST marathon here in 5:17:27 for 2299th place in W40.

Congratulations runners - we are super proud of you!

Boston Marathon, April 17, 2023

Wow wow wow! Our Regina runners truly conquered Boston. Our fastest runner was Julia Totosy de Zepetnek who also posted the fastest time of all Saskatchewan runners! Stuart Kramer earned the highest age group placing. We are always excited when one of our runners runs a PR, and Abbey Schmidt did it here today!

A super special mention must go to Tania Diener who earned her Abbott World Majors six star medal for completing the six major marathons at Tokyo, London, Berlin, Chicago, New York, and now Boston.

Results were:

Julia Totosy de Zepetnek, 3:19:46, 1316th W18-39

Abbey Schmidt, 3:31:10, 2352nd W18-39

Yvonne Cafik, 3:52:26, 227th W55

Stuart Kramer, 4:37:56, 153rd M70

Tania Diener, 5:15:31, 757th W55

Congratulations, runners! We are so proud of you!

Antarctica Marathon, March 23, 2023 and Sao Paulo Marathon, April 2, 2023

Congratulations to Gay Renouf, who finished a quest to run a marathon on every continent. Gay finished the Antarctica marathon - a muddy, windy trail race with 1800 m of elevation gain and loss in 5:56:25 (20th W). She then ran the São Paulo marathon in South America on April 2, finishing in 4:44:48 (11th W60).

Big Island Half-Marathon, Hawaii, March 19, 2023

Congrats to Dale Harvey (our chief Gopher) who just finished his quest for a half-marathon in all 50 states in the US. Dale ran the Big Island International half on March 19. Despite the heat and humidity, he earned 15th place in the M60 age group with a 2:45:15. Congratulations Dale!

Antarctica Marathon, March 16, 2023

Congrats to Debbie Bellamy and Jennifer Evancio for their running race of a lifetime! They just finished the Antarctica half-marathon on March 16. The race is incredibly difficult - 590 m elevation gain and loss on gravel and mud. Jennifer ran 3:16:39 for 4th in W50 and Debbie ran 3:50:14 for 6th in W60.

Debbie has now run at least a half-marathon on all 7 continents; and this was Jennifer’s sixth continent. We are incredibly proud of our MM ladies - congrats!

Tokyo Marathon, March 5, 2023

Congrats to Cari Bode for her finish in the Tokyo marathon to earn her Abbott World Major six star medal today. Cari’s journey in this challenge was truly inspiring. The first of the six world major marathons she did was the Boston marathon - in fact, Cari was at the 2013 Boston when terrorists bombed the finish line. Luckily, Cari had finished twenty minutes earlier and was safe two blocks away.

Cari finished Boston in 2012; New York in 2016; Berlin in 2017; London and Chicago in 2018. Her fastest was a 3:35 in the 2015 Boston.

Cari had planned to wrap up her World Major quest in 2019 at the Tokyo marathon. After her Chicago race however, tests showed that she had a rare cancer. Cari went through a year of chemotherapy and surgeries - at first she couldn’t walk five minutes. But she started running again. Tokyo race today is her first marathon since beating cancer. Cari ran 4:56:52 - (1066th W45).

One of the photos shows Cari with her friend Jean Mathews - they met each other in the start corral of Boston in 2013 and have run several of the majors together.

Congrats to Cari for her inspiring route to achieving this incredible goal!

St Petersburg Marathon, Florida, February 12, 2023

Congrats to our favourite marathoning couple, Tania Diener and Jan Steenkamp, who just finished their second marathon of the year. The duo finished the St Petersburg distance classic in Florida. Tania was 7th in her W55 age group with 5:20:36, and Jan was 15th in M55 in 5:05:09. Way to go!

Mesa Marathon, Phoenix, Feb 4, 2023

Congrats to our Regina runners who ran the Mesa marathon and half. Special mention to Lana Thompson-Van Eaton, who had a fantastic run, smashing her Boston-qualifying time, and getting top ten in her age group. Carolyn and Lorne followed her with fine runs, finishing well in their age groups.


Lana Thompson-Van Eaton, 4:03:22, 6th W60

Carolyn Murray, 4:16:51, 53rd W45


Lorne Boyle, 2:04:03, 21st M60

Cure for the Brrr Marathon, Half-Marathon, and Loop Run, Jan 8, 2023

What a day! We had hoar frost, a beautiful sunrise, (sort of mild weather) -17 to -8 degrees, and lots of smiling runners. Here are the results:

Ultra runners

Razvan Rusescu, 47.0 k, 6:00:05

Melissa Burns, 46.4 k, 6:00:00

Jason Burns, 45.7 k, 6:00:00

Zoe Clin, 45.0, 6:48:00


Conor Renouf, 3:30:53

Gay Renouf, 5:08:58

Dave Buchner, 5:25:08

Jan Steenkamp, 5:28:14

Tania Diener, 5:42:47


Trevor Hopkin, 1:42:28

Rob McLeod, 1:42:28

Paula Bzdell, 1:58:37

Craig Herrington, 2:13:12

Christopher Hall, 2:31:21

Wendy Tomyk, 2:36:19

Greg Chovin, 2:40:00

Dale Harvey, 2:41:24

Shelley Zerr, 2:49:00

Blair Morris, 2:54:23

Donna Jackson, 2:55:31 


Chris Tetlock 32.0 k, 2:48:54

Gary Larson, 32.0 k, 3:20:07

Sheila Durey, 30.7 k, 4:03:00

Zoey Kim-Zegelaar, 30.1 k, 4:09:01

Gaylene Jeannot, 28.0, 2:36:08 (half in 1:57:08)

Michael Dahlman, 26.0 k, 2:40:01

Michel Turmel, 25.4 k

Abbey Schmidt, 24.3 k, 2:23:49

Lauren McLellan, 24.0 k, 2:24:21

Ryan Clark, 24.0 k, 2:24:21

Jason Hubick, 24.0 k, 2:41:00

Dave MacDonald, 22.1 k, 2:03:21

Ken Eade, 20.0 k, 1:47:10

Deidre Roberts, 20.3 k, 3:35:53

Katherine Robinson, 20.0 k, 2:49:30

Jon Paradowski, 20.0 k

Heidi Schmalz, 20.0 k

Allison Samoleski, 16.0 k, 1:47:09

Chantel De Lorme, 16.0 k, 1:58:09

Natasha Lumsden, 16.0 k, 2:05:57

Christian Riegel, 16.0 k, 2:14:28

Debra Anderson, 16.0 k, 2:20:15

Joanne Noll, 16.0 k, 2:20:40

Brenda Stricker, 16.0 k

Craig Johnson, 16.0 k

Laurie Campbell, 16.0 k?

Matt Stephenson, 15.0 k, 1:21:10

Adam Hicks, 15.0 k, 1:21:10

Nick Dalrymple, 13.6 k, 2:00:00

Sandy MacDonald, 12.8 k, 1:56:09

Sherry Chestney, 12.0 k, 1:19:16

Constance Kozak, 12.1 k, 2:10:01

Kerri Clark, 12.0 k, 1:43:12

Meghan Braithwaite, 12.0 k, 1:43:12

Deanne Selinger, 12.0 k, 1:43:13

Susan Schneider, 12.0 k, 2:08:23

Patrice Turmel, 12.0 k, 2:08:23

April Lloyd, 12.0 k, 2:08:36

Aubrey Swift, 12.0 k, 2:09:00

Jack Allan, 11.7 k, 1:17:57

Kazia Katende, 11.7 k, 1:19:16

Sherri Finley, 8.0 k, 1:00:21

Shari Mosthaf, 8.0 k, 1:25:15

Stacey Rennebohm, 7.7 k, 1:02:17

Kristal Lockhart, 7.7 k, 1:02:17

Morgan Allen, 4.0, 25:25

Stacey Lulik 4.1 k, 0:43:00

Sue Bayliss, 4.0 k

Congrats runners, and thank you to our volunteers, Constance Kozak, Wanda Bouchard-Barry, Verne Bolen, Rob McLeod, Gaylene Jeannot, and Pat Eatock!