Vancouver Marathon and Half, May 5, 2013

Post date: May 7, 2013 10:24:16 PM

Congrats to all the Vancouver runners, in particular Jim Wonnek for his whopping PR on a difficult day; Milos Kostic and Conor Renouf for placing in their age groups; and Debbie Bellamy for her stellar BQ.

Full Marathon Results of Regina runners

Conor Renouf, 2:58:31, 2nd M20-24

Milos Kostic, 3:28:26, 1st M70-74

Ron Burdon, 3:38:43, 43rd M50-54

Gay Renouf, 3:44:12, 4th W50-54

Jim Wonnek, 3:48:20, 66th M50-54

Joanne Noll, 3:53:46, 17th W50-54

Nadia Williamson, 4:01:34, 92nd W30-34

Debbie Bellamy, 4:06:55, 16th W55-59

Mike Renouf, 4:10:06, 61st M55-59

Stefano Diiorio, 4:17:38, 163rd M45-49

Chad Debert, 4:26:48, 217th M40-44

Tim Schneider, 4:46:22, 189th M50-54

Half-Marathon Results of Regina runners

Alvin Yau, 1:42:51, 98th M25-29

Duane Mombourquette, 1:53:31, 101st M50-54

Tracie McCracken, 2:00:53, 238th W35-39

Shari Mombourquette, 2:01:01, 63rd W50-54

Luanne Sawatzky, 2:12:35, 585th W30-34

James Bastian, 2:17:07, 185th M55-59

Doris Burdon, 2:17:55, 202nd W50-54

Lynn Anderson, 2:24:44, 637th W30-34

Laurie Hamers, 2:29:34, 377th W45-49