Ultraman Canada, Penticton, Aug 4-6, 2012

Post date: Aug 11, 2012 11:46:25 PM

Stacey Shand placed 4th at the Ultraman Canadian Championships in Penticton. Ultraman is a triathlon event EVEN LONGER than Ironman which takes place over 3 days. Day 1 consists of a 10 km swim (4:19:15) and 144.8 km bike (5:34:45). Day 2 took place in temperatures over 39 degrees - Stacey finished the 273.5 km bike in 10:28:16. Day 3 was a double marathon, which Stacey completed in an impressive 9:29:39. Stacey related that she was inspired to push hard in the run, as she had just heard that athletes posting sub-30 hour times (time limit was 36 hours) got a special mention. She accomplished that, with a total time of 29:51:55. Congrats to Stacey, and her crew Marvin Koteck and Terry Allan!