Toronto Waterfront Marathon, October 22, 2017

Post date: Oct 23, 2017 10:05:05 PM

Congrats to the Regina runners at the Toronto Waterfront Marathon. Kevin Petrychyn ran 3:13:41 for 37th in the M30 age group; Ashley Desjardins ran 3:37:18 for 36th in the W25 age group; and Derek Smith ran 4:16:18 for 205th in the M45 class.

In the half-marathon, Karen Lawson was 10th in the W25 age group with a 1:32:12; Jonah Toth was 6th in the Men's under 19 in 1:33:28; Robert Davis ran 1:34:11 for 61st in M30; Nancy MacKenzie ran 1:47:56 for 15th in W50; Jack Allan ran 2:04:26 for 65th in M60; and Paul Vieira ran 2:16:19 for 216th in M55.

What a great job you all did! Congrats!