Sinister 7, Crowsnest Pass, Jul7-8, 2012

Post date: Jul 16, 2012 1:36:26 AM

Wow, the Regina flatlanders did well at this particular mountain race! The 148 km race is normally done as a relay of 7 runners, but all three Regina soloists survived the brutal heat and tough course to become "sinners". The course gains 5,320 m of elevation and loses 5,350 m, and the 32 degree temperatures were the hottest in the race's history.

Rick Minett was the 19th male soloist in 24:34:48; Alan Barry was the 21st in 25:32:29 and Stacey Shand was the 7th woman in 26:09:24. Only 30% of the soloists finished.

Our Regina team did well too. The Fringe Monkeys were the 67th mixed team in 20:32:41. Jim Wonnek ran stages 1 and 2, Simon Kostic stage 3, Bill Brown stage 4, Blair Anderson stages 5 and 6, and Sacha Lingenfelter stage 7.