Sinister 7 100 Miler, Crowsnest Pass AB, July 8, 9, 2017

Post date: Jul 9, 2017 11:28:16 PM

The Sinister 7, a mountain trail race renowned for its difficulty, got more difficult this year. Organizers added to the length to make it 100 miles (161 km) compared to its 146 km length a few years ago; increased the amount of climbing to 6400 m of elevation gain and loss; and reduced the cutoff time to a very tight 30 hours. Then Mother Nature added her own challenges, with temperatures of over 30 degrees in the shade. The race had only a 18% finishing rate this year. Our Regina heroes, Jon Paradowski and Mathieu Ludlow managed over 12 hours on the trail, but had to concede to the mountain this year.

Regina had one team entered from the Jaleta Pacers. Shaun Hesse ran three legs (1, 2 and 7); Rick Minett, Tracy Fisher, Angela Stolz, and Gerry Nagy came 6th in the highly competitive Mixed Relay division in a time of 19:32:38. Congrats!