Saskatchewan Ultra 50 k, Oct 22, 2011

Post date: Oct 30, 2011 11:42:21 PM

Marathon Matters members won both the Mens and Womens races in Saskatoon, with Conor Renouf winning in 3:44:16 and Jennifer Ruland winning in 4:30:10. Other MM results were:

Gay Renouf, 4:33:06, 2nd W

Stacey Shand, 5:01:27, 4th W

Linda Fox, 5:04:11, 5th W

Dave Buchner, 5:05:45, 16th M

Alan Barry, 5:09:08, 18th M

Mike Renouf, 5:15:44, 19th M

Greg Dyck, 5:39:09, 22nd M

Craig Johnson, 5:39:09, 23rd M

Dave Fox, 5:55:24, 24th M