QCM 2014

Post date: Sep 9, 2014 11:47:30 PM

Congrats to everyone running the QCM this year - the 27 degree temperature at the end sure made it interesting. Congrats to our first-time marathoners: Luanne Ferner, David Wessel, and Doug Best - you started with a hard one! Also congrats to our age group placers: Conor Renouf, Rick Minett, Brent Young, Tracy Fisher, Cari Bode, Jennifer Ruland, David Fox, Tricia Brown, Loanne Myrah, Kathryn Rachar, and Teresa Donley. Here are the results of the MM members - please let me know if anyone was missed.


Conor Renouf, 2:55:21, 1st M20, 8th M

Rick Minett, 3:13:05, 1st M55

Brent Young, 3:17:59, 3rd M45

Darryl Meier, 3:38:00, 10th M45

Tracy Fisher, 3:38:28, 1st W40, 3rd W

Basil Pappas, 3:40:46, 9th M40

Jim Carlson, 3:45:09, 10th M50

Cari Bode, 3:46:02, 1st W35, 5th W

Jon Paradowski, 3:51:05, 13th M35

Donn Lay, 3:52:08, 11th M40

Jennifer Ruland, 3:54:15, 3rd W30, 8th W

David Fox, 3:58:25, 2nd M60

Derek Burt, 3:58:40, 15th M35

Richard Mawson, 4:02:54, 7th M55

Tricia Brown, 4:03:11, 2nd W35

Lorne Boyle, 4:06:51, 10th M55

Richard Manzon, 4:11:11, 15th M40

Denise Harry, 4:18:06, 4th W40

Loanne Myrah, 4:19:24, 2nd W55

Matt Macknak, 4:25:41, 21st M55

Alan Barry, 4:27:08, 22nd M55

Shamus Reilly, 4:34:00, 19th M30

Chad Debert, 4:34:28, 19th M40

Robert Neufeld, 4:36:24, 26th M50

Gerald Fox, 4:36:38, 5th M60

Tom Maher, 4:37:27, 6th M60

Tania Diener, 4:45:12, 9th W50

Doug Grimstad, 4:50:40, 25th M55

Darwin Weimer, 4:53:01, 26th M55

Jan Steenkamp, 4:53:43, 28th M50

Linda Fox, 4:53:56, 4th W55

Kathryn Rachar, 5:04:49, 2nd W60

Luanne Ferner, 5:10:11, 16th W30

Doug Best, 5:32:15, 35th M55

Christian Riegel, 5:35:49, 24th M45

Katherine Robinson, 5:35:49, 11th W45

Teresa Donley, 5:42:04, 1st Walker

Sean Reidy, 6:03:04, 25th M45


Chris Dornstauder, 1:32:47, 6th M30

Tim Schneider, 1:45:26, 4th M55

Rowena Collins-Huber, 1:49:03, 5th W50

Jenn Masur, 1:49:06, 9th W40

Duane Mombourquette, 1:56:24, 17th M50

Don Ditson, 2:03, 08, 11th M60

Shari Mombourquette, 2:03:18, 11th W55

Wendy Tomyk, 2:09:25, 25th W50

Brenda Stricker, 2:12:49, 28th W50

Terry Allan, 2:30:36, 49th M50

Elfie Nkongolo, 2:30:52, 88th W25

Laura Kapp, 2:56:13, 77th W50

Ron Burdon, 2:56:15, 60th M55

Bruce McKee, 3:11:46, 4th M70

Heather Irvine, 3:22:51, 190th W30