Manitoba Marathon, June 17, 2018, Winnipeg

Post date: Jun 17, 2018 10:11:31 PM

Congrats to the Regina runners at the Manitoba marathon today! Special mentions to two folks: Lynn Crook who set a PR and qualified for Boston for the first time in 3:58:02 (1st W55), and to Doug Sellinger, who set his second PR in a row in 4:24:25 (33rd M50). Here are the Regina area marathon results:

Cam Thick, 3:53:25 for 19th in M40; Blair Frederickson , 4:35:36 for 15th in M60; Sean Reidy in 4:38:35 for 40th in M50; Darwin Weimer in 4:54:34 for 21st in M60; Brianna Kelly in 4:54:51 for 16th in W25; Jan Steenkamp in 4:58:25 for 34th in M55; Tania Diener in 4:59:02 for 20th in W50; Daryl Arendt in 5:16:05 for 53rd in M5o.

In the half marathon, Neil Sharp won his age group of M65 in 1:32:36! Gary Larson nabbed third in his M40 age group in 1:31:40. The Regina area half results are:

Kevin Petrychyn in 1:23:48 for 4th in M30; Jeff Dilay in 1:25:53 for 4th in M35; Darryl Meier in 1:45:18 for 8th in M50; Jason Selzer in 1:50:27 for 45th in M35; Emily Weekes in 1:51:36 for 12th in W25; Crystal Kowalski in 1:54:52 for 11th in W45; Angela Friesen in 1:57:50 for 24th in W40; Brittney Meier in 1:59:04 for 35th in W20; Meg Grainger in 2:03:44 for 44th in W35; Sherry Meier in 2:09:31 for 36th in W45; Dale Harvey in 2:15:25 for 60th in M55; Curtis Hindmarch in 2:20:49 for 123rd in M40; Donna Jackson in 2:27:10 for 70th in W45; Amy MacLennan in 2:27:14 for 93rd in W35; Dorothy Josephson in 2:30:21 for 18th in W60; Les Mullen in 2:37:48 for 90th in M50; Terry Weimer in 2:58:08 for 22nd in W60; and Cathryn Bowers in 3:05:31 for 23rd in W60.