Manitoba Marathon, June 15, 2014

Post date: Jun 17, 2014 9:58:05 PM

Wow, three of our club members deserve a lot of hand clapping! Daryl Arendt finished his FIRST marathon, and Loanne Myrah and Sean Reidy both nabbed PRs. Loanne also qualified for Boston (by a lot!)

Here are the Regina runners' results - places are their rank in their category - Manitoba Marathon didn't specify what age group runners were in.

Blaine Whitney, 3:11:13, 5th

Kevin Petrychyn, 3:59:33, 22nd

Loanne Myrah, 4:05:28, 6th

Lauren McLellan, 4:28:57, 13th

Daryl Arendt, 4:50:24, 42nd

Sean Reidy, 4:59:45, 44th

Mary Johnson, 5:24:27, 17th

Stephen Johnson, 5:24:28, 47th