Look Matters Gopher Attack Marathon, Apr 18, 2014

Post date: Apr 20, 2014 2:30:42 AM

The weather was the most brutal of any Gopher marathon in its 8 year history. We had wind gusts up to 70 km/h, sleet, snow, snow pellets, rain, and ice. But we also had our super volunteers! Special shout out to Wanda Bouchard-Barry, Jeff Campbell and Terry Allan!

Here are the results of the Marathon Matters members - please drop me a line if I've missed anyone. Special notes to our two winners, Conor Renouf and Rowena Collins-Huber, and first-time Boston qualifier, Dave Fox.

Conor Renouf, 2:55:18, 1st M, 1st M20

Laverne Masur, 3:11:07, 4th M, 2nd M40

Brent Young, 3:14:29, 5th M, 3rd M40

Tim Schneider, 3:42:48, 11th M, 3rd M50

Donn Lay, 3:45:49, 13th M, 6th M40

Jonathan Paradowski, 3:48:07, 14th M, 4th M30

Darryl Meier, 3:49:29, 15th M, 7th M40

Lane Warsylewicz, 3:50:36, 16th M, 4th M50

Milos Kostic, 3:52:59, 17th M, 1st M70

David Fox, 3:54:56, 18th M, 5th M50

Richard Mawson, 3:55:53, 20th M, 6th M50

Duane Mombourquette, 4:01:01, 21st M, 7th M50

Jennifer Masur, 4:01:01, 4th W, 2nd W40

Shannon Ostapowich, 4:07:12, 4th W40

Alan Barry, 4:10:49, 23rd M, 9th M50

Mike Renouf, 4:16:32, 25th M, 10th M50

Mathieu Ludlow, 4:18:37, 6th M30

Matthew Macknak, 4:30:23, 14th M50

Tania Diener, 4:32:15, 10th W, 3rd W50

Jan Steenkamp, 4:39:54, 34th M, 16th M50

Darwin Weimer, 4:40:54, 35th M, 17th M50

Linda Fox, 4:40:56, 12th W, 4th W50

Kelly Munce, 4:51:19, 36th M, 8th M40

Tom Maher, 5:09:11, 39th M, 4th M60

Lee-Ann Ricci, 5:09:07, 15th W, 5th W50

Gay Renouf, DNF


Chris Dornstauder, 1:40:09, 10th M, 5th M30

Rowena Collins-Huber, 1:41:51, 1st W, 1st W50

Darryl Mailander, 1:46:29, 15th M, 2nd M50

David Nagle,1:48:04

Doug Hynne, 1:48:34, 17th M, 3rd M50

Justin Kline, 1:48:47, 18th M, 9th M30

Trudy Thorson, 1:50:46, 5th W, 2nd W30

Richard Manzon, 1:53:19, 28th M, 5th M40

Jenn Ruland, 1:55:49, 11th W, 4th W30

Basil Pappas, 1:56:20, 33rd M, 6th M40

Debbie Bellamy, 1:57:58, 17th W, 3rd W50

Denise Harry, 1:58:08, 18th W, 3rd W40

Loanne Myrah, 2:01:19, 20th W, 5th W50

Nadia Williamson, 2:01:51, 21st W, 6th W30

Shari Mombourquette, 2:09:33, 39th W, 10th W50

David Wessel, 2:10:02, 41st M, 2nd M60

Craig Johnson, 2:11:17

Lance Waffle, 2:13:08

Bill Brown, 2:13:19, 43rd M, 10th M50

Wendy Tomyk, 2:13:45, 44th W, 12th W50

Doug Grimstad, 2:17:05, 46th M, 12th M50

Darryl Arendt, 2:18:24, 47th M, 9th M40

Heather Irvine, 2:21:23, 52nd W, 12th W30

Shelley Zerr, 2:29:10, 56th W, 15th W50

Carol Willmott, 2:35:26, 62nd W, 17th W50

Laura Kapp, 2:53:56, 66th W, 19th W50

Katherine Robinson, 2:55:42, 68th W, 13th W40

Christian Riegel, 2:55:42, 57th M, 13th M40

Anne Brigham, 3:08:12, 70th W, 20th W50