Jackpot Ultra, Las Vegas NV, Feb 14-15, 2015

Post date: Feb 22, 2015 7:56:58 PM

Jen Ruland finished her first 100 mile in style! She dived below the 24-hour mark with a 23:18:23 to garner the 6th place for women, and 2nd place for W30-39. This, despite unusually high heat for the race - Jen reported up to 30 degrees! Jen was helped by crew Leah White, who ran 55 km while pacing Jen.

Katherine Robinson ran in the 24 hour portion of the race, finishing as the 6th woman and completing an impressive 80.92 miles. Christian Riegel had hoped to run in the event, but was felled by food poisoning (reported by Jen) and still managed 28.56 miles to help Katherine in her race.

Congrats, all!