Great White North Triathlon, Stony Plain AB, July 8, 2018

Post date: Jul 13, 2018 6:45:03 PM

Congrats to the athletes competing at the Great White North triathlon near Edmonton this weekend. Sorry everyone - just Room for the Regina athletes doing the half Ironman. The top age group result was by Jim Greenwood placing 4th in the Men’s 40 age group in a smokin’ time of 4:44:27.

David Langen, 4:33:54, 5th M30

Brendan Mackenzie, 4:50:03, 9th M30

Brett Miller, 4:54:4, 12th M30

Michael Hoffort, 5:03:25, 5th M50

Michael Diewold, 5:15:01, 18th M30

John Ash, 5:18:44, 10th M50

Kelly Cozine, 5:24:57, 30th M40

Tara Fuchs, 5:34:46, 6th W20

Jaimie Mimi’s, 5:45:14, 10th W40

Lyle Stecyk, 5:50:13, 21 M50

Krystle Ruzicka, 5:50:33, 6th W30

January Hutchison, 5:55:23, 13th W40

Chris Humphries, 5:57:32,40th M40

Marley Brcic, 6:07:59, 10th W30

Lane Warsylewicz, 6:12:22, 7th M60

Mark Gibson, 6:30:22,31st M50

Elizabeth Semple, 6:33:56, 8th W20

Theresa Gibson, 6:40:31, 24th W40

Tarra Dubreuil, 7:07:11, 21st W30

Congrats all - you make Regina proud!