Great White North Triathlon, Stony Plain AB, Jul 7, 2013

Post date: Jul 8, 2013 10:02:30 PM

Here are the Regina results for this half-Ironman distance race - lots of PBs and first-time finishers!! Email me if I've left anyone out.

Dan Killick, 4:38:16, 9th M30

Jackie Hatherly, 4:52:39, 3rd W40

Verne Masur, 4:57:09, 25th M30

Patrick Ash, 5:02:29, 30th M30

Murray Gurski, 5:27:26, 39th M40

Tracy Kennett, 5:36:09, 14th W40

Julie Folk, 5:40:20, 11th W18-29

Jennifer Masur, 5:50:07, 19th W40

Theresa Gibson, 5:51:49, 21st W40

Shana Graham, 5:54:46, 27th W30

Frankie Pelletier, 6:18:04, 18th W50

Jason Daum, 6:25:50, 83rd M40

Doug Blakely, 6:31:08, 7th M60

Adriana Moryski, 6:48:06, 57th W30

Blair Parkinson, 7:27:13, 12th M60

Pat Blakely, 7:41:36, 4th W60

Congrats to all.