Flying Pig Marathon, Cincinnati, May 4, 2014

Post date: May 8, 2014 1:00:16 AM

Congrats to the runners from the Canadian Queen City who took on the hot and hilly Queen City of the US. The race was cheered by arguably the best spectators on the continent (Kelly got his cramping calves massaged by a pack of spectators who treated him like a race car in a pit stop and sent him out back on the race course!), and organizers sure have fun with the Pig theme. Runners line up in Pig Pens and run until they reach the Finish Swine. And the medal is the BEST!

Special congrats to Debbie Bellamy for her top ten finish in her age category!

Cari Bode, 3:45:37, 20th W35

Mike Renouf, 4:15:13, 42nd M55

Jennifer Ruland, 4:16:11, 95th W30

Debra Bellamy, 4:19:21, 8th W55

Lee-Ann Ricci, 4:44:52, 52nd W50

Kelly Munce, 4:50:40, 188th M45

Gay Renouf, 5:01:30, 66th W50


Enio Ricci, 2:15:26, 228th M50