ET Full Moon Midnight Marathon, Rachel NV Aug 18, 2013

Post date: Aug 25, 2013 8:12:54 PM

17 intrepid Regina-area runners traveled to the wilds of Las Vegas to brave the mysteries of Area 51. We faced possible alien abduction, but survived the various distances. Here are the results:

51 km

Conor Renouf, 1st M, 3:55:53

Gay Renouf, 1st W50-59, 5:17:52

Brenda Vaness, 2nd W30-39


Mike Renouf, 4:39:48, 4th M50-59

Luciano Togneri, 5:03:39, 9th M50-59

Bill Brown, 5:18:42, 11th M50-59

Craig Johnson, 5:21:39, 13th M50-59

Laurie Campbell, 5:21:39, 10th W40-49

Darwin Weimer, 5:36:13, 15th M50-59

Kathryn Rachar, 6:01:37, 6th W50-59

Terry Weimer, 6:23:19, 12th W50-59

Jim Wonnek, 7:14:21, 21st M50-59


Rose Ann Reitmeier, 2:08:37, 2nd W50-59

Wade Hagen, 3:34:58, 28th M40-49

Lee Pitzel, 3:34:58, 14th W50-59

Jeff Campbell, 3:34:58, 12th M50-59


Aubrey Swift, 1:07:12, 7th W20-29