Edmonton Marathon, Aug 19, 2018

Post date: Aug 21, 2018 12:28:48 AM

Prospects for the Edmonton marathon looked bleak the day before the race - the air quality was over 10, and organizers considered canceling the race. Luckily the air cleared, and our runners were able to run, and run they sure did! Ashley King got a new PR for the marathon in 3:27:58, for 11th in W20. Jim Carlson ran 3:48:32 good for 30th in M50.

There were many half-marathoners from Regina: Gary Larson in 1:28:39(10th M40); Crystal Kowalski in 1:50:45(26th W40); Terri Carlson in 1:53:47(15th W50); Chad Debert in 1:58:54(91st M40); Jeff Young in 2:16:58(137th M40); Joey Young in 2:17:07(9th in M19-); Baily Young in 2:17:06(10th M19-); Tom Cochrane in 2:40:57(100th M50); Cheryl Cochrane in 2:40:58(77th W50); Tori Desjarlais in 2:46:50(10th W19-); Adriana Moryski in 247:10(158th W40); Ben Hernandez in 2:54:42(43rd M60); Melvin Burton in 2:55:33(168th M40); Sandra Wankel in 3:07:08(18th W60); Shannon Obey in 3:11:20(227th W20); Tyneesha Eaglechild in 4:01:50(13th W19-); Roselin Stonechild in 4:01:50(14th W19-); and Samantha Burton in 4:01:59(15th W19-). Congrats to all!