Cure for the Brrr Marathon and Half, Dec 30, 2012

Post date: Dec 31, 2012 2:35:15 AM

Well, we didn't have too much Brrr today compared with previous years - it started out at -11 and windless. The marathoners had to contend with the day getting colder, not warmer, so I will mention the marathon results first.

Conor Renouf, 3:23:14

Darryl Mailander, 3:54:39

Jim Vadeboncouer, 4:45:45

Dave Buchner, 4:46:09

Gay Renouf, 4:46:09


David Nagel, 1:44:08

Chris Dornstauder, 1:58:55

Mike Renouf, 2:06:51

Jim Wonnek, 2:08:00

Nadia Williamson, 2:08:43

Don Lang, 2:08:43

Greg Dyck, 2:11:30

Thea Jacobs, 2:15:56

Jen Ruland, 2:17:11

Derek Burt, 2:17:11

Tricia Brown, 2:17:11

Laurie Campbell, 2:17:51

Craig Johnson, 2:17:51

Alana Reaume, 2:19:00

Debbie Bellamy, 2:19:00

Rebecca Schulz, 2:19:00

Don Ditson, 2:30:59

Donna Jackson, 2:38:36

Shelley Zerr, 2:38:36

Thanks especially to our volunteers: Laurie Campbell who created our one-of-a-kind medal; Jeff Campbell, roving safety person and hot chocolate giver-outer; Kelly Munce, hot chocolate-and-Baileys-dispenser; and Adriana Moryski, who was everywhere, recorded the results and awarded the medals. Awesome job, crew!