Chicago Marathon, Oct 13, 2013

Post date: Oct 13, 2013 10:19:41 PM

There were some extremely impressive times run by south Sask runners at Chicago this year! Gerry Nagy turned in an amazing run, finishing 4th (4th!! At this marathon, age group placings are 4 digits) in his age group. Gerry's wife Diana was almost as impressive, finishing 23rd in her age category. Derek Burt achieved his goal of beating George W Bush (best time of 3:44:52) as well. All three runners earned PRs.

Gerry Nagy, 2:48:29, 4th M50

Diana Nagy, 3:24:13, 23rd W45

Basil Pappas, 3:30:48, 650th M40

Darryl Mailander, 3:39:09, 540th M45

Derek Burt, 3:44:14, 1009th M30

Daphne Bilokury, 3:54:41, 209th W45

Alvin Yau, 3:54:51, 1132nd M25

Brian Lewis, 3:57:35, 1478th M35

Debbie Bellamy, 4:04:03, 47th W55

Patrice Krueger, 4:07:23, 168th W50

Susan Cameron, 4:47:02, 1319th W40

Sherry Argue, 5:00:32, 1575th W40

Lindsay Vindevoghel, 5:00:32, 1901st W35

Theresa Gibson, 5:17:43, 1813rd W40

Mark Gibson, 6:30:46, 1941st M50