Chase the Goose Marathon and Half, Jul 20, 2013

Post date: Jul 21, 2013 7:23:46 PM

Thank you to Cari Markewich for organizing and hosting this brand new event. Cari also dragged out her family who volunteered from 5 in the morning to noon! Thanks Lauren, Andrew, Chris, Rick and Janet! Thanks also to Jen Ruland for making medals. We scared enough geese to make it worthwhile to hold this again next year. Many of the runners were happy to get the chance to qualify for the Marathon Maniacs too. Here are the results:


M1 Brent Young, 3:01:56

M2 Milos Kostic, 3:38:06

F1 Cari Markewich, 4:02:19

M3 Jim Vadeboncoeur, 4:15:21

M4 Kelly Munce, 4:17:39

F2 Jen Ruland, 4:17:55

M5 David Nagel, 4:23:31

M6 Darwin Weimer, 4:32:31

F3 Gay Renouf, 4:45:27

M7 Derek Burt, 4:45:27

M8 Chris Riegel, 5:15:07

M9 Jim Wonnek, 5:18:37

M10 Don Ditson, 5:33:54

Half Marathon

M1 Lane Warsylewicz, 1:55:18

F1 Tricia Brown, 2:03:02

M2 Matt Macknak, 2:07:58

F2 Wendy Tomyk, 2:18:01

F3 Debbie Bellamy, 2:19:44

F4 Luanne Sawatzky, 2:19:44

F5 Loanne Myrah, 2:19:44

F6 Katherine Robinson, 2:49:38