Canada Man Extreme Triathlon, Lac Megantic, QC, July 8, 9, 2017

Post date: Jul 10, 2017 11:33:01 PM

For those multipart athletes for whom an Ironman is just not hard enough - there is the International Ironman Extreme series, and two of our members are just crazy enough to do one. Milos Kostic and Philippe Lacroix just finished the Canada Man in Lac Megantic this past weekend!

Each stage tries to be more difficult than a typical Ironman. In the water, the athletes had to swim in the dark. Milos reports dodging near-invisible buoys, waves hitting him in the face, and surviving debilitating cramps.

The bike was 180 km of thousands of meters of climbing, some well over 10% grade. The marathon length run finished with 12 km of just plain meanness. Milos reports "tangled roots, mud that sucked your shoes off, near vertical sections - all in the dark".

Philippe and Milos were helped by hugely supportive crews and both medalled! Philippe finished in 18:16 and was 3rd Man in the 55 year category; Milos finished in 20:44:38 - first in the Men's 70+ category.