Canada Ironman, Penticton, BC, Aug 26, 2012

Post date: Aug 27, 2012 11:36:09 PM

Wow, did Reginans ever do well! Biggest congrats, and commiserations too, to Emma Bandol, who set a PR, but missed an entry to Kona, by ONE PLACING!

Dalton Fayad, 10:23:44, 26th M35-39

Monica Dalidowicz, 10:24:07, 5th Women's Pro

Emanuela Bandol, 10:39:40, 5th W30-34

Conway Nelson, 10:41:18. 44th Mens 35-39

Dan Killick, 10:59:02, 46th M30-34

Hugo van Rooyen, 11:25:21, 59th M30-34

Beukes Vorster, 12:29:03, 125th M35-39

Doug MacKenzie, 12:35:23, 35th M55-59

Bruce Moore, 12:56:29, 42nd M55-59

Laura Gray, 14:04:50, 48th W25-29

Ian Ireland, 14:26:36, 282nd M40-44

Marly Tcherni, 14:45:02, 111th W35-39

Gregory Baller, 14:53:40, 166th M30-34

Mike Parkinson, 15:27:31, 175th M30-34

Cara Maher, 15:51:41, 116th W30-34