Boston Marathon, April 17, 2018

Post date: Apr 22, 2018 10:23:36 PM

Congrats to our stalwart Regina runners who persevered through bitter rain and wind to earn their coveted Boston marathon medals! The fastest Reginans were Jennifer and Verne Masur who finished in 3:58:56 for 692 in W45 and 1454 in M40. They had both qualified for the 2016 Boston, but when Verne got in and Jenn missed by 14 seconds, Verne didn’t run until he could do it with Jenn - and they ran it together!

Patrice Krueger ran 4:24:26 for 821st in W50 and Patti Sandison-Cattell, who once claimed she would never be able to qualify for Boston, ran 4:38:22 for476th in W55. Wayne Nielson ran 4:39:26 for 1223rd in M55. Elizabeth Popowich ran 5:02:19 for270th in W60. Milos Kostic ran injured but still finished in 5:43:23 for 17th in M75