Blackfoot Ultra, AB, May 26, 2012

Post date: Jun 3, 2012 8:35:58 PM

Congrats to our Regina runners, particularly to Jennifer Ruland who kept her wits after arriving at the race start 30 min late! and Jeff Campbell for his longest distance yet.

100 km

Jennifer Ruland, 13:01, 3rd F34 and under

Adriana Moryski - finished 25 km in 3:01 and had to withdraw owing to a badly sprained ankle

80 km

Donn Lay, 8:25 for 2 laps

50 km

Rod Hillier, 5:22:22, 17th M35-39

Laurie Campbell, 9:41:18, 25th F35-49

25 km

Mathieu Ludlow, 2:32:40, 7th M34-49

Jeff Campbell, 4:43:59, 12th M50+