Beaver Flat 50, Saskatchewan Landing, Sept 17, 2016

Post date: Sep 22, 2016 2:45:04 AM

Many Regina area runners are raving and cursing over the inaugural sky running event at Saskatchewan Landing. The race offers 50 km, 20 km and shorter events with the 50 km having 2500 m of vertical gain. The climbs were hard, the trails were harder...I heard the trails and race course described with phrases like "goat-paths, barely there, clinging to the side of a steep hill, bum-slides, semi-cliffs" and my favourite "and then the trail just disappeared". The curses may have been over the race course, but the raves were focused on the well-marked course and impeccable organization. Congrats to everyone on completing what accomplished ultra runner Jon Paradowski called "the toughest 50 km I've ever run". Here are the Regina and MM member results.