Banff Jasper Relay, June 2, 2012

Post date: Jun 5, 2012 10:58:04 PM

Congrats to team Bear Bait from Regina who placed 10th in the Open division at the Banff Jasper relay. The relay is 258 km, covered in 15 stages and travels simultaneously from Banff to the Saskatchewan River Crossing, and Saskatchewan River Crossing to Jasper. Bear Bait's time was 23:34:31. Congrats to: Terri Carlson, Jim Carlson, John Beebe, Jim Wonnek, Bill Brown, Shawn Dawson, Bryan Mcbain, Kristyn Emmerzael, Peter Mcdougall, Benjamin Harris, Michael Critchley, Andrew Crozier, Shawna Wolff, Christopher Stask, and Wendy Copp.