Badwater 135, Death Valley CA USA Jul 15-17, 2013

Post date: Jul 19, 2013 11:01:09 PM

The Badwater 135 held each year in Death Valley is rightfully known as the toughest running race in the world. Each year, hundreds of hopeful competitors submit their race resumes outlining their hot weather running experience. Only 100 runners from around the world are admitted - 22 countries in 2013. And this year, not only was one of our own admitted, she finished in the top ten women! Stacey Shand finished the 217 km in 41:48:13 for 9th woman status.

Some of the quirks of the race are stories about the extreme heat. Death Valley was the site of the world's highest ever recorded temperature of 134 degrees F. This year's race was also exceptionally hot. One of Stacey's crew members, Terry Allan, reported the Day 1 temperature as being 120 degrees F (49 degrees C!!!) Runners are reported to run on the white lines of the road to reduce the soles of their shoes melting. Another crew member, Diane Yachina, reported that her toenail polish melted. Other crew members were Stacey's coach Luke Way from Calgary, and pacers Colleen Zato, Dave O'Connor and James Danoff-Burg from California/Vegas areas.