Across The Years Ultramarathon, Phoenix, AZ, Dec 26-Jan 3, 2016

Post date: Jan 3, 2016 10:08:46 PM

What an interesting event and results. Marathon Matters members may not know that we have two very accomplished multi-day runners in the club - Christian Riegel and Katherine Robinson. In a Mobius-strip kind of way, Chris and Katherine introduced Jen Ruland to the format of timed race on a short loop course, and in return Jen Ruland prepared their training programs and coached the two of them. And here's the best part - all three nabbed PRs at Across the Years!

The Across the Years event is held on a 1.05 mile loop, for four different events - 24 hour, 48 hour, 72 hour and 6 days. Each runner has that allotted time to amass as much distance possible - they can stop to eat or sleep, but as race organizers say, the clock is always running.

Chris Riegel, 2nd Man in 72 hour event, 295.66 km

Katherine Robinson, 3rd Woman in 72 hour event, 250.05 km

Jen Ruland, 6th Woman, 2nd W30-39 in 24 hour event, 167.26 km

Congrats all, we are super proud of you!