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Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada running club started in the Fall of 2010. Our focus is on the marathon and ultra. The club offers opportunity for competitive and recreational running and training, as well as a social environment where you can get support and help on building your marathon calendar.

Current membership fee is $15 per calendar year. To join, just go to the Membership page and download the registration form.

Canada Goose 150, June 24 and 25, 2017

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Marathon and Half Marathon

Good Friday, 14 April 2017

Results below. Congrats to all runners and huge thanks to all volunteers! 

Marathon Matters Enjoys the Cold

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Marathon Matters 2016 Awards

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The 2016 awards for Builder and Inspirational runner of 2016 were awarded at the AGM on Nov 28.  There were many deserving entries.

Builder Award
Jen Ruland
Cari Bode
Gay Renouf
Wanda Bouchard-Barry
Chris Riegel and Katherine Robinson
Terry Allan

And the winner is...Cari Bode!  Here is what her nominators said about her:  Our awesome President.  The obvious choice between Trump and Clinton is Cari Bode.  She prefers to hit the wall, rather than build one.  As President of the club, she does it all.  She has organized several events, of which the annual meeting is one, as well as the Chase the Goose marathon, and is part of the organizing committee for the 24 Hour Goose.  She oversees the everyday running of the club, collection of membership fees, ordering of club clothing, etc.  She takes part in club activities, weekend runs and social events.  She's leaving as our President, and what she's done in the last few years in terms of service to the club is inexplicable.  She's brought our little club into the modern ages.  Before her presidency, we were a group of overly enthusiastic individuals all pulling in different ways.  Cari gave us direction - we now have a growing club, on-line registration, a great relationship with the Wascana Centre, a club hosting more events than ever before, appropriate insurance, and professionalized email.  These things aren't glamorous, but they make us better.  She's the lungs of our club, with the biggest and warmest smile you can ask for.  Cari is very modest and will probably protest that she doesn't deserve the award (she did!), but she is a very powerful and inspiring leader.

Inspirational Runner Award
Conor Renouf
Tim Schneider
Wendy Tomyk
Cari Bode
Milos Kostic
Jan Steenkamp and Tania Diener
Loanne Myrah
Jen Ruland
Sean Reidy
Rob McLeod

And our winner is...Sean Reidy!  Here are some clips from what his nominators wrote. "Great runner, average tennis player.  He is so determined to conquer the long distances and really came through on some huge races this year - completing 100 km races, what, twice?! That's sick, literally at times, I've heard".  "Sean deserves this award for his incredible tenaciousness and strong will.  Last year, he was convinced that he had had a poor season, having DNF'd at his first 100 km race at Lethbridge's Lost Soul Ultra.  This year, he completed two 100 km races including the Lost Soul's.  During his last laps at Spruce Woods this year, it was touch and go as to whether he would make the cutoff for an official 100 km finish.  But even though he was beat up, exhausted, chafed beyond imagining, he always summoned the energy to run on every runnable portion of trail.  Of course he made it, and didn't stop smiling for two days.  He inspired everyone at the race with his positive attitude and mental strength."  "He's a tough ol' bulldog and really learned to pump his pumpers this year.  He came back this year to slay his 100 km race goals and finished both Spruce Woods and Lost Souls 100 km.  He has a no-quit attitude and an unbelievable sense of humour which makes running with him a pleasure.

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