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Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada running club started in the Fall of 2010. Our focus is on the marathon and ultra. The club offers opportunity for competitive and recreational running and training, as well as a social environment where you can get support and help on building your marathon calendar.

Current membership fee is $15 per calendar year. To join, just go to the Membership page and download the registration form.

Look Gopher Attack Marathon 

Congrats to all runners!  Thank you to all volunteers.  Photos to be added later.

24 Hour Goose - Saskatchewan's First 24 Hour Run! June 25

posted Mar 28, 2016, 4:33 PM by Gay Renouf   [ updated Jun 26, 2016, 7:41 PM ]

Run/walk as far as you want in 12 or 24 hours! Fat ass style race!



posted Dec 5, 2015, 2:02 PM by Gay Renouf   [ updated Sep 26, 2016, 3:24 PM ]

Marathon Matters 2015 Awards

posted Dec 2, 2015, 5:12 PM by Gay Renouf   [ updated Sep 26, 2016, 3:23 PM ]

The 2015 awards for Builder and Inspirational runner of 2015 were awarded at the AGM on Nov 30.  There were many deserving entries.

Builder Award
Lee-Ann Ricci
Cari Bode
Gay Renouf
Wanda Bouchard-Barry
Jon Paradowski
Bill Brown

And the winner is...Debbie Bellamy.  Here is what the nominators wrote about Debbie and why she deserves the 2015 Builder Award.  Debbie has been a stalwart member of the club for many years now.  She's one of those never-miss-a-workout people.  She (along with Cari, Richard and Lee-Ann) took on the job of getting us club jackets.  She chairs the social committee and convinces us to do activities other than putting one foot in front of the other.  Debbie has a bigger impact on the club than can be described by words.  When Debbie says she's going to do something, she drags a whole lot of other people along with her.  Debbie is quiet, so you might not realize her impact.  But Debbie is a leader.  And Debbie is the Winner of the Builder Award for 2015.

Inspirational Runner Award
Jan Steenkamp and Tania Diener
Lee-Ann Ricci
Jen Ruland
Sean Reidy

And our winner is...Jon Paradowski.  A truly inspiring guy who is full of positive good
wishes to other runners.  His incredible racing volume and results likely place him in the top three ultra runners in western Canada.  In the past year, Jon ran his first 100k; his first 100 miles; his first sub 24 hours 100 miles; his first winter ultra; paced Stacey Shand through the hottest race on the planet; and ran many, many other races.  He, along with Jen Ruland, introduced us to the concept of "night running", or as they call it, "night adventures".  Last year at this time, Jon was like many of us, except that he was crazy... He was convinced that he could do these events that seemed impossible to us Regina runners - like running 100 km in winter over drifted in trails, carrying all his supplies.  But Jon prepared logically and methodically: he tested out supplies, clothing, different paces in the cold and in the dark.  And he did it!  He used the same methodical approach before pacing Stacey at Badwater in July - we all saw him wearing his winter jacket and balaclava running hills in the hottest weather.  And last month he assisted his partner Marsha to start a new event - the 17 hour Run for Mito.  He and Marsha convinced fifty runners to run around the park and donate to Mito Canada.  He convinced Sue and Bert from Manitoba and Andy from BC to come and join in.  To conclude with one nominator's comments: Marathon Matters has many runners with huge accomplishments, but this year, Jon has been superhuman.

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