Toronto Waterfront, Oct 20, 2013

Post date: Oct 20, 2013 10:00:35 PM

Rowena Collins-Huber was the Regina star of the half-marathon here. Rowena set a new PR of 1:36:08 and placed 4th out of more than 300 in the W50-54 age group. Congrats Rowena! Tim Schneider also grabbed a PR in the marathon!


Mike Godfrey, 3:39:57, 694th M25

Tim Schneider, 3:46:33, 74th M50

Paul Dhillon, 5:12:47, 311th M30

Half Marathon

Rowena Collins-Huber, 1:36:08, 4th W50

Kayla Kozan, 2:05:12, 322nd W20

Edward Tse, 2:16:58, 43rd M65

Elora McLeod, 2:29:37, 602nd W20

Susan Hornung, 3:33:53, 644th W40

Paul Hornung, 3:33:54, 654th M40