Toronto Waterfront Marathon, October 19, 2014

Post date: Oct 19, 2014 11:33:08 PM

Our members keep running great times!! Congrats to Debbie Bellamy for a PR, first sub-4 and BQ qualifier, and to Tania Diener for her PR! Worth noting that Jan missed a PR by only two minutes on his 12th (??) marathon of the year.

Regina results:


Debbie Bellamy, 3:59:51, 15th W55

Alvin Yau, 4:05:17, 237th M30

Jan Steenkamp, 4:24:07, 204th M50

Tania Diener, 4:27:01, 49th W50

Milo Grimsrud, 4:45:13, 60th M60

Half Marathon

Brandon Gorr, 1:45:48, 157th M25

Elizabeth Popowich, 1:53:38, 16th W55

Shannon Harasen, 1:55:51, 301st W25

Clinton Griffiths, 2:02:29, 411th M25

Edward Tse, 2:19:01, 35th M65

Meg Braithwaite, 2:23:57, 635th W35

Diana Coulombe, 2:26:47, 657th W35

Tracy Steele, 3:22:23, 460th W45