Cure for the Brrrr, Regina, January 3, 2015

Post date: Jan 4, 2015 9:04:53 PM

Did you notice that I spelled Brr with some extra r's in the title? That is because we got some extra Brrrr this year. At -25 degrees (-37 windchill), this was our coldest Brrr yet. And did I mention the fresh, sloppy snow? 10 cm of snow the day before sure had me worried - however, street plowing crews from the City, the University, and Wascana Park, had the roads in great shape. That just left the paths tough to slog through. Despite all the challenges, 25 runners finished either a half or marathon. Saskatchewan runners are the toughest! And, our volunteers surpass the runners. Jeff Campbell and Enio Ricci drove the course and offered hot bevies and warm truck seats to the runners, and our President, Cari Bode, was there at the finish with Tim Hortons offerings. Wow.

Here are the results:


Conor Renouf, 3:33:43

Brent Young, 4:03:30

Milos Kostic, 4:10:00

Mike Renouf, 4:45:52

Gay Renouf, 4:54:42

Jan Steenkamp, 5:07:34

Sean Reidy, 5:33:19

Tania Diener, 5:34:19

* Jennifer Ruland, 5:00 - ran the first 25 km, got hypothermic, went home, got warm, ran another 22 km on the treadmill!

Half Marathon

Rob McLeod, 1:50:57

Chris Dornstauder, 1:50:57

Justin Kline, 2:01:45

Simon Kostic, 2:02:07

Richard Manzon, 2:04:48

Mark Newton, 2:06:33

Shannon Ostapowich, 2:11:02

Craig Johnson, 2:18:46

Tom Maher, 2:21:45

Daryl Arendt, 2:28:46

Van Branning, 2:34:30

Dave Nagel, 2:34:35 (plus another 55 minutes of running)

Don Ditson, 2:36:15

Donna Jackson, 2:43:00

Sandy MacDonald, 2:43:00

Wendy Tomyk, 2:43:00

Lee-Ann Ricci, 2:44:00