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Victoria Marathon and Half, Oct 12, 2014

posted Oct 13, 2014, 2:57 PM by Gay Renouf
Congrats to our Regina runners who performed so well in Victoria.  Special mention has to go to Wendy Tomyk and Loanne Myrah, who set PRs in the half, and Sean Reidy who completed the full with his arm just out of its post-surgery sling!

Terry Scott, 3:47:44, 22nd M55
Gerald Fox, 4:21:21, 28th M60
Linda Fox, 4:28:05, 23rd W55
Sean Reidy, 5:25:47, 113th M45

Half Marathon
Loanne Myrah, 1:49:38, 10th W55
Ron Burdon, 1:57:02, 68th M55
Wendy Tomyk, 2:06:10, 67th W50
Brenda Stricker, 2:14:03, 98th W50
Colette Costack, 2:16:54, 170th W40
Glenda Sedgwick, 2:17:03, 76th W55
Doris Burdon, 2:40:08, 175th W50