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Vancouver marathon and half-marathon, May 7, 2017

posted May 7, 2017, 4:30 PM by Gay Renouf
Congratulations to all the Regina runners, led by President Wade Hagen, who ran the beautiful Vancouver course. Our top performer was Lana Thompson-van Eaton with a 5th place finish in the Women 55 age group. 

 Runner Distance Time Age Group Place Age Group
 Dylan Elliott Marathon3:39:21  69th M40
 Derek van Nes Marathon 4:44:59 232nd M40
 Avelino Gumban Marathon 5:25:14 254th M35
 Karen Baily Marathon 6:02:37 116th W50
 Bradley Hanowski Marathon 6:14:52 222nd  M50
 Jesse van Eaton Half-Marathon 1:33:57 9th W20
 Doug Whitehead Half-Marathon 1:38:05 72nd M30
 Alvin Yau Half-Marathon 1:40:4686th  M30
 Naresh Tinani Half-Marathon 1:41:12 70th M35
Lana Thompson-van EatonHalf-Marathon1:45:025thW55
 Gordie Kaban Half-Marathon 1:46:34 66th M45
 Colleen Kozan Half-Marathon 2:29:56 49th W60
 Gisele Albert Half-Marathon 2:29:58 226th W45
 Monique Piche Half-Marathon 2:31:30 51st W60
 Wade Hagen Half-Marathon 3:17:26 327th M45