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QCM, Regina, September 11, 2016

posted Sep 12, 2016, 7:34 PM by Gay Renouf   [ updated Oct 29, 2016, 2:10 PM ]
Congrats to all our club members who finished the QCM races - here are the results links

Special congrats go to those who finished their first marathon:
    Dan Collier, 4:15:20, 18th M35

Those who set a PR:
    Derek Anaquod, 3:48:23, 8th M30
    Loanne Myrah, 3:59:30, 1st W60
    Shelley Cook, 4:05:50, 7th W40
    Mallory McCormick, 4:47:33, 6th W30
    Doug Best, 5:04:20, 25th M55

    Jordan Sperling, 1:21:28, 1st M25
    Chris Dornstauder, 1:27:49, 3rd M30
    Ally Bonk, 1:39:55, 5th W25
    Tim Schneider, 1:42:36, 6th M55
    Richard Manzon, 1:45:15, 10th M45
    Courtlyn Fazakas, 1:46:38, 7th W20
    Douglas Sellinger, 1:54:40, 25th M50
    Jennifer Brooks, 1:58:27, 26th W35
    Connie Kozak, 2:13:03, 25th W50
    Scott Taylor, 2:20:50, 69th M40

Those who placed in their age groups
    Tracy Fisher, 1st W40, 3:31:36
    Cari Bode, 3rd W40, 3:46:38
    Loanne Myrah, 1st W60
    Kathryn Rachar, 2nd W60, 5:30:30

    Jordan Sperling, 3rd Man, 1st M25
    Chris Dornstauder, 3rd M30
    Bruce McKee, 2nd M70, 1:52:24
    Brenda Udahl, 2nd W60, 1:55:28

Have we left anyone out - send a message!