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Sask Ultra 50 km, Saskatoon, Oct 20, 2012

posted Oct 21, 2012, 2:40 PM by Gay Renouf
The MM club had a strong presence at the Sask Ultra in Saskatoon.  Congrats to all and especially Conor Renouf for setting the new course record.  Results are for all south-Sask soloists.

Conor Renouf, 1st M, 3:31:06
Quinton Johb, 8th M, 3:23:47
Mark Newton, 9th M, 3:29:56
Gay Renouf, 3rd W, 4:32:26
Milos Kostic, 10th M, 4:32:30
Cari Markewich, 4th W, 4:33:23
Jennifer Ruland, 5th W, 4:37:08
Alan Barry, 13th M, 4:45:27
Mike Renouf, 14th M, 4:49:46
Sage Fox, 8th W, 4:52:16
Lane Warsylewicz, 17th M, 4:58:19
Bill Brown, 20th M, 5:14:54
Jim Wonnek, 21st M, 5:14:55
David Nagel, 24th M, 5:23:01
Jean Fay, 11th W, 5:26:22
Greg Dyck, 25th M, 5:36:02
Craig Johnson, 26th M, 5:36:02
Dave Fox, 27th M, 5:38:37