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Saskatchewan Marathon, Saskatoon, May 31, 2015

posted Jun 20, 2015, 5:43 AM by Gay Renouf
Special congrats to Aaron Wirth on his first marathon, in a splendid time!  Also congrats to all five of the participants in the Saskatoon Triple (Three marathons in three days, with the Sask marathon on the final day).  Milos Kostic managed to speed up with every marathon: 4:02:49, 3:57:00, and then 3:50:27)!

Conor Renouf, 3:02:13, 2nd M25
Ingrid Currie, 3:28:30, 1st W55
Mark Newton, 3:32:13, 2nd M40
Dennis Mager, 3:45:37, 3rd M55
Aaron Wirth, 3:47:29, 6th M30
Shaun Quinney, 3:48:18, 7th M30
Milos Kostic, 3:50:27, 1st M70+  
Elizabeth Tomczak, 3:53:35, 3rd W25
Jim Carlson, 3:56:19, 6th M50
Paula Bzdell, 3:57:38, 2nd W40
Grant van Eaton, 3:57:44, 5th m55
Rob Currie, 4:06:31, 7th M55
Wyatt Woycik, 4:28:59, 10th M35
Charles McEachern, 4:29:15, 7th M25
Jan Steenkamp 4:36:22, 16th M50
Jarvis Pelletier, 4:52:11, 13th M40
Bernhard Prahauser, 5:02:18, 14th M40
Tania Diener, 5:06:07, 4th W50
Craig Johnson, 5:47:41, 12th M55

Half-Marathon (MM members only)
Basil Pappas, 1:33:21, 2nd M40
Tracy Fisher, 1:35:52, 1st W40
Tricia Brown, 1:46:19, 5th W35
Maureen Powell, 1:52:52, 7th W50
Paul Mehlsen, 1:56:43, 5th M60
Gloria Desjarlais, 2:21:57, 3rd W65