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Saskatchewan Marathon, May 25, 2014

posted May 28, 2014, 2:24 PM by Gay Renouf
Congrats to the Regina runners who ran in a sweltering day!  The performance of the day goes to Jon Paradowski who ran within 5 minutes of his PR on a hot day, after doing 3 races in 3 weeks!  There were so many Regina finishers of the half-marathon, I include only the MM members.

Conor Renouf, 3:01:00, 1st M20
Gary Thiel, 3:14:02, 5th M40
Brent Young, 3:20:59, 7th M40
Mark Newton, 3:30:36, 2nd M30
Robert Watkins, 3:47:36, 6th M50
Jon Paradowski, 3:47:44, 8th M30
Steve Booth, 3:59:25, 15th M40
Mike Renouf, 4:06:48, 9th M50
Thea Jacobs, 4:10:15, 3rd F50
Greg Dyck, 4:12:52, 16th M40
Jan Steenkamp, 4:26:15, 17th M50
Tania Diener, 4:33:24, 9th F50
Chris Butz, 4:34:02, 19th M50
Luke MacDonald, 4:38:51, 10th M20
Darwin Weimer, 4:39:00, 20th M50
Shannon Tichkowsky, 4:43:09, 15th F20
Alma Tholl, 5:17:50, 15th F40
Janet Norman-Smith, 5:17:50, 1st F60+

Tricia Brown, 1:58:32, 43rd F30