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Regina Police Service Half-Marathon, Apr 28, 2013

posted Apr 29, 2013, 3:36 PM by Gay Renouf
Well the organizers of the RPS outdid themselves - it looked like an excellent race!  The full results are available at http://www.startlinetiming.com/races/2013/rps/

Here are the results from this year's MM members:
Ryan French, 1:21:34, 2nd M30-39
Chris Dornstauder, 1:33:37, 8th M30-39
Milos Kostic, 1:36:06, 2nd M60+
Tracy Fisher, 1:37:30, 5th W40-49
Chad Fenrick, 1:38:36, 15th M30-39
Doug Hynne, 1:40:11, 7th M50-59
Enio Ricci, 1:40:20, 8th M50-59
Lane Warsylewicz, 1:40:28, 9th M50-59
Darryl Mailander, 1:42:05, 16th M40-49
Tandi van Tol, 1:43:04, 5th W30-39
Jennifer Evancio, 1:44:39, 6th W40-49
Nadia Williamson, 1:45:40, 10th W30-39
David Fox, 1:46:02, 21st M50-59
Richard Mawson, 1:47:54, 28th M50-59
Maureen Powell, 1:8:41, 11th W40-49
Adriana Moryski, 1:50:39, 19th W30-39
James Vadeboncoeur, 1:50:24, 29th M40-49
Paul Mehlsen, 1:52:03, 34th M50-59
Lee-Ann Ricci, 1:56:32, 11th W50-59
Craig Johnson, 1:58:20, 48th M50-59
David Wessel, 1:59:27, 8th M60+
Don Ditson, 2:01:03, 9th M60+
Linda Fox, 2:02:14, 20th W50-59
Linda McBride, 2:03:38, 2nd W60+
Wade Hagen, 2:07:40, 54th M40-49
Terry Allan, 2:13:04, 59th M40-49
Claire Belanger-Parker, 2:33:02, 49th W50-59
Laura Kapp, 2:48:47, 54th W50-59

Well done, and Congrats all!  I can't believe how awesome you all are!